Arsène Wenger


He would be very motivated to show he still got it by going to Real. Of course, it’s a big risk, but he has nothing to lose at this point.


Why are people still replying to Jakey with serious comments :joy:


:xhaka: Fucking tool :xhaka:


Well he’s not exactly going to tell us.

Sorry this team is shit and can’t win the league. In fairness with the crap team we’ve got it’s surprising we can even stay close with the other top 4 for so many years.

If we look back at 2015/16 if we didn’t drop points against oppositions like West Ham, Norwich, West Brom, Crystal Palace. It wouldn’t be Leicester winning it.

No matter how arrogant and stubborn he is. He’s not daft to know teams like Chelsea, Man City, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid etc. don’t have a better team than us. Arsenal had the ability to win but just so happens…the other teams have even greater ability and higher chances.

I am still adamant the players and the board is as much to blame. Let’s see how much money Emery gets to spend in the next three seasons…if he last that long…


Absolute class from Arsene


I love how this thread it is still in the Arsenal section. Arséne Arsenal forever :wink:


It’ll stay in the Arsenal section until he finds another job.

So basically what I’m saying is it’ll stay in the Arsenal section.


Should never be moved.


Just to remind us what it’s like to not be able to get rid of him.


Not quite :joy:


So he needed to goto the Frameworks Gallery to put his picture in an actual picture frame? Should of gone to Argos and got his mum to help him instead.



I bet that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Poor guy.


It’s going to be mightily strange not seeing AW in charge .


So I read on another forum that Wenger signed a non-disclosure contract before leaving. That would be pretty poor, I want a tell all book.


I doubt that.


Allot of managers do sign non disclosure deals apparently. Graham was sacked from Spurs for breaking his contract. Wenger can’t be sacked but could be sued.


Hopefully he goes to manage France after the WC. Deschamps is just bad.


I doubt Wenger will publish an autobiography that would throw lot of dirt on people. He is not that kind of a person.


Actually Wenger has proven he can be quite scathing. Only thing that held him back was being in the Arsenal job.

Would like to get his version if events on alot of issues tbf particularly Stan