Arsène Wenger


Cant understand how Arteta not in the frame.


But many clubs still want him so he is not past it all.


But does he have the balls to take the job? That is the question


You need Vince McMahon grapefruit-sized balls to take that poisoned job


Financial restrictions was what I was getting at and the freedom to actually buy top players ??


So he does not have the balls to turn the job down, but does not have the balls to take the job either???

How about we just move on Guys? I stopped posting on the forum because of all this AW shit - he’s gone so…

Let it go…


He just doesn’t have the balls mate, you need to accept that


Up yours


A carefully cropped photo that hides his lack of balls.

You sly fucker


here you go bud…


That was a quick reply. I suspect you have a carefully hidden folder on your PC


Hell no…

Its my screensaver…


I think his stance on Erdogan is more important


I would quite like to see Wenger handing Erdogan one of his sleeping bag coats


December 2019, no balls Wenger has Swansea in 18th place and is under pressure from the media - “Look, I turned down Real Madrid for this club”


It would be the last big chance of his career so yes, i think he would take it.


So you don’t think he’d have the balls to turn it down?


He signed a contract last year knowing the pressure and abuse would be on with bad results. That takes more balls than walking into a team with Ronaldo, Bale, Modric, Ramos in it no?


Wenger showed no regard for fan contempt for too long for that to be true. He signed it because he wanted and believed he could turn it around.


All that proves is his arrogance and stubbornness.
Every season he said he had the players capable of winning big trophies, and that we didn’t need to spend big, and every season he was wrong, never admitting he was.

I would be interested to see him at a club with money, just to see what he does with it in the transfer window but why would Real Madrid go for a manager that can’t even qualify for the CL, let alone win it.