Arsène Wenger


By all reports Giroud has a huge talent…didn’t seem to help much.


whats your point?


Just making a dick joke. Carry on.


I totally agree with you but then he is deluded enough to think he can do a better job. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does take up the job and ruin his legacy further, like he did at Arsenal. Frankly, at his age, and after the career that he has had, and given the circumstances that lead to his exit, IMO, he should step away from football. He has nothing to prove. Taking up a job like Madrid, putting yourself under even more intense scrutiny by the media and public, at a club that is ruthless with managers, is really the opposite of what he should be doing.

Having said that, if he does get/take the job, I certainly would be interested to see how he goes, especially against Barca.


I think he’d defo take the Madrid job if offered.

His career is nearly over so why not. He’ll make a lsst pretty penny and won’t have to do any long term projects as Madrid want instant gratifications. And I reckon he truly believes he’s good enough for it.


What we really need is for Wenger to get himself a mediocre PL gig. That way he’ll be able to convince a board to buy Welbeck, Mustafi, Ospina and Xhaka as legit upgrades, he can take Nelson and Holding on loan, and he can give Santi Cazorla a contract.


Wenger could thrive at Madrid. He has the squad for it. His preferred style of play suits La Liga more. His personality is great which is needed to get on with the big egos in that squad


Its a fallacy to say his style would suit spanish football more. If this was the case wed have been replicating their clubs dominance in europe and not exiting in the round of 16 seven times straight.


Wenga and Emery to both win an european trophy this season :kos2:


Not sure how anyone can think he wouldn’t take the Real job.

This is a man who in his heart of hearts believed he could take us back the the glory days if he only had more time, which of course was damn near delusion.

Compared to us at Real it’s not a stretch to win the league or another CL so he would think the sqaud is primed for him, it would most likely end in tears though. However, I’d be happy to see him win the league and sign off like Zidane as evidence that he still had some of that old Wenger magic.


Wenger is past it if we’re honest, if offered the job he should recognise that and turn it down. But he doesn’t have the balls to do that


But he does have the balls to take on perhaps the most precarious job in world football? :wenger:

Put some respeck on Big Wengs name.


I don’t think he does


Neither do I necessarily…

However, he is making the right noises by saying he needs to be tested and what not. I don’t think he will be in the frame but stranger things have happened.


It’d be his last job as a manger, there’s literally hardly any down sides to taking the job. He’d get a nice pay day and get to be in the lime light for another year or two at most I reckon and work with great players once again. You have to factor in his age and that this would be his last chance at something ‘big’.

If he’s not ready to retire or doesn’t have any solid plans for the forseeable, he’ll be taking the job if offered no doubt about it. What’s he got to lose?


Just my feeling that he hasn’t got the balls to take the job imo


Hope he takes the job and manages to do a fckn treble !? Big Weng still has it - just needs to be given a chance without any restrictions !!


What restrictions did he have working here? He virtually had unlimited and complete control of the club from top to bottom.



Laughing because so true


Ummm financial?