Arsène Wenger


Ronaldo is a lil’ bitch. He will extend his contract in the end. Bale still doesn’t speak Spanish it is said. That is as much on him than anything else.
That’s the point. If they lose players they already have very good replacements in place bar for Benzema and Marcelo.

If anything Real seem more stable than they have ever been. Every move they made the past 3-4 years made sense. Ancelotti took La Decima pressure away four years ago. That job isn’t that bad at all. Barcelona better lol @ImmoralGunner.


Would love to see him with France. He would be a good fit.


Wenger - Most experienced manager in Europe
Twenty two seasons at Arsenal
Total managerial experience thirty two years
CL Trophies - None

Zidane - Rookie manager
Three seasons at Real Madrid
Total managerial experience three years
CL Trophies - Three


Wenger doesnt have the balls? He sure showed balls agreeing a contract extension in 2017 knowing he would recieve abuse of th highest order did he not deliver. Saying Wenger doesnt have the balls to manage Madrid is just plain stupid.


Yeah well I think your face is stupid you big stupid face

But really, if you think signing that contract took balls then I don’t know what to say to you.

But even if that did take balls, if you think that it somehow proves anything about whether he’d take the Madrid job or not then I think it’s you who is pretty stupid. The two situations aren’t remotely comparable.


This thing is so fucking overstated that it is embarrassing to think all of you are adults in late 20s or 30s.

Wenger did hold a good amount of power but the sort of shit assumptions that fans have is just stupid.


What manager anywhere in Europe had so much control of everything to do with the club?
From contracts, players fees, what they ate, tactics. training, who else has had that much power for so long?


So you think someone who’s unemployed and has a once in a life time chance to manage Real Madrid would turn it down?

Edit not once in a lifetime as he’s had the opportunity already but this time he doesn’t really have anything to lose.


Exhibit A

How do you know Wenger dictated the transfer price?


Fergie and probably plenty of managers tbf. And pretending Wenger was the sole person in charge of player fees is wrong, he wasn’t.


Apart from losing in the Super Cup at the start of the season to Real Madrid. Barcelona nearly went undefeated in the league and they ended up finishing 17 points ahead of Real Madrid. Sure they are better.

@InvincibleDB10 - dude not again. Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema, Modric, Kroos, Marcelo, Ramos, Isco, Rodriguez, Pepe in the last three seasons.

Majority bought with big money at the time. What do we have to compare?


I’d love him to join Real Madrid, if he can’t win the CL with a team that’s won 3 in a row and 4 in 5 years it will prove what a failure he is in European Competitions even more so.


Image if Wenger went to Real and won the Champions League in his first year with them :rofl:.

Apart from joke, i would be so curious to see him there, with more financial power at his disposal.


If you dont think Wenger has balls fine. But he will clearly want the Madrid job and take it if offered. I can see him being a success at Madrid. His style suits a big club with elite players, who needs the extra freedom to express their huge talent.


Wenger’s style is the art of fighting without fighting.

It’s dated


A manager conceding ten goals to Bayern and 8 to Barca isnt get anywhere the champions of europe job.


Unless he is a liar, which I’m sure your hero isn’t, he often said the words, after almost every unsuccessful transfer window, “the player didn’t meet with our valuation.”


The sentence says ‘our’


Wenger is the one who makes the decision who we buy, so I’m assuming he also knows that players valuation.
How would Gazidis or Kroenke know what a player is worth?

It’s also true that Wenger was the person who made the decisions about players wages, so presumably that would indicate he also made the decisions about what players to buy, and how much we should pay for them.

The fact is, what ever you say, Wenger had more control, for longer, than any other manager in European football and he was responsible for almost every aspect of the running of the club, so when things went wrong, it was down to him.


I wonder how Wenger must feel after 22 years at one of the worlds greatest clubs , knowing he doesn’t have to go to Colney or The Emirates .
22 years is a long time in any employment but more so being in the spotlight , day in day out , having to deal with egos , multimillion pound players , hangers on but worstly the media .
The more Wenger , the man is thought about the greater he becomes .
I sincerely hope the board and the major shareholders honour AW , with the way he honoured
Arsenal Football Club .