Arsène Wenger


He was considered one of best managers at the time.
He could have been selfish, choose to go for easy La Ligas & better chance at winning the CL; and ensuring he ends up in hall of fame.

Rather he chose to stay at financially restricted Arsenal, in return he asked for more control.

Swap him with any ANY manager out there, they would have jumped ship any day any time.


I’ll give you that. He was uniquely happy in his comfort zone


Well it’s opened up now so he better go for it now.


Plus this stupid point.
You think he cares about job security like a mere peasant.

Wenger is rich, can get any job post Arsenal and become even more rich.

It’s ridiculous to suggest Wenger was so scared about job stability hence he stayed


it isn’t about being “financially secure,” - for people like this it is much more about ego, control, and other factors… yes, the money is relevant, but none of these guys think about “security” due to the financial piece - they are set for life after a couple of years of multi-million compensation. He defined Arsenal in many ways, had huge control, and he and board were complicit (good or bad) in financial engineering and expectations setting… it was all good until we started to play like sh*t, but moreso because we stopped being able to get into CL.


So, Sarri or Wenger for the Real Madrid job?


Wenger is favourite, but Poch and Conte are higher up the betting than Sarri. Guti is above him too.


God I hope they sign Wenger.



Perhaps he can feed us some players

One Marcelo with a side order of Isco and Kroos.


I’ll take an Assensio a la mode for dessert please.


He wanted complete control over every aspect of running a club and would never have that at Real Madrid.
He wouldn’t have been given so many seasons of failure and stagnation at any other top European club.


Would love to see what he could accomplish there - having world class players at his disposal playing Wengerball !!


He’d have Modric as CB, Ronaldo DM and Ramos as striker :grinning:


Difficult job to take right now though. Need to swap out the entire front trio, yet just won the CL 3 times in a row, and at the same time the ever-consistent Messi is carrying a worse and worse Barca to the LL win. Not much is going to come for free for their next manager lol


Are you fucking serious? Everybody who takes that job gets the best squad in football right now. There isn’t a better position to step into. Some players are older yes, but they have replacements in house (Kovacic, Asensio etc.). Perfect mixture of experience and younger players.


Vaya con dios, Poch! Vaya FOYS! :slight_smile:


In fairness Barcelona have a better team. Real fans seem to think Ronaldo is past it and rather he moves on not given a new contract extension until he’s 37. Bale they think he’s not worth it as he’s injury prone, not consistent and getting older now. Their defense leaked 44 goals compared to our 51 arguably they have a softer league with less competition.

The replacements are not enough against Barcelona - you can expect another season with Barcelona winning the league whilst Real failing miserably.


Zero chance Wenger has the balls to take over from a manager who just won 3 CLs in a row haha


I am fucking serious yes. You seem to not know much about the club. They sack managers who just won the league for them. That job is unlike anything else in football, and their squad has serious issues, as Immoralgunner said, the Ronaldo situation is getting awkward, Bale never really gelled with the rest and is too good to be 2nd and too injury prone to be first choice, Benzema is not scoring goals and is just there because he is the best striket you can get that accepts playing support to Ronaldo, cr7 leaves = Benz leaves. A satiated squad is notoriously difficult to motivate and while Vazquez, Isco (hes done better than most though), Asensio etc. look like sexy names on paper they struggle with consistency. Mayoral is far from ready to take over and Kovacic does best in the Kroos or even Casemiro role, where they already have good players.

Considering the expectations, RM is a tough team to take right now. I think it’s about time the splashed big. Like De Gea + Hazard + Lewa + Neymar big lol