Arsène Wenger


Only to continue bitch about him. If Emery is successful they will say see Wenger sucks. If he fails, it’s all Wenger’s fault again. Blah Blah Blah.


The first bit is right, but if Emery fails, it will be Gazidis fault :grinning:




I’m sure that will happen.

It will also happen if he is successful with few changes that some will claim it was Wenger laid the groundwork for it…


It’s true it will be hard to judge Emery for the first 24 months given how much of a mess Wenger has left the squad in.



Wenger looking well. Good to see he’s enjoying his time off :slightly_smiling_face:


I go to this thread thinking he’s still our manager lol


Big Wenga looks finally relaxed. Happy for him.


Doesn’t he spend every summer living it up on the Costa Del Dein?


Good luck and good for AW too
I wish him well in his next adventure and for creating the modern Arsenal.


David Dein is basically his agent. I wish he stayed at Arsenal because it would have made the difference.




It would make some difference. Let’s put it in this way :slight_smile: . Dein would have been the man who would have given Wenger some good advices.


I never understood what was stopping Dein from doing that anyway. They were still friends and presumably talked often.



Arsene Wenger has revealed he turned down Real Madrid on multiple occasions and says he wants to be “tested” in his next role.

The 68-year-old Frenchman has already expressed his desire to continue his managerial career after ending his 22-year spell at Arsenal.

“It is exciting because you will be tested again, that’s what I want again in my life basically I am a competitor who needs to be tested,” he told BeIN Sports.

Wenger also explained his decision to reject offers to become Real Madrid’s head coach on more than one occasion.

“Real Madrid I think I turned down two or three times you know,” he said. “It’s one of the teams I loved when I was a kid. I just felt that it was a very sensitive period for Arsenal FC.”


Didn’t seem like you wanted to be tested at Arsenal bro.




Hey guys, did y’all know Wenger turned down Real Madrid? Brand new information for me too. :upside_down_face:


Or if I stay at Arsenal I am under no pressure and I can do what I like.
If I go to Real Madrid I am under pressure straight away and I’m not in charge of transfers, contracts, what goes in the sandwiches and could be sacked after a poor season.

He got 8m a season and was the only manager of a top club in Europe that knew his job was safe.
That’s why he stayed here.