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Arsene Wenger admits it was better that he left Arsenal at the end of the season due to the “impatience” with him.

And he reckons that even winning the Europa League would have made little difference.

Wenger told Bein Sports: “We sat together and thought that would be better, to have somebody that comes in that has credit and patience.

“There’s a great spirit in the team, it was a pleasure to work with them, there’s great potential in the team, somebody coming in and having time will fight for the championship.

“You felt always there was an impatience there, no forgiveness anymore.

“When you’re such a long time there there’s impatience. We were used to always huge success but nothing was good enough anymore.

“Even this season we played in the League Cup final, the semi-final of the Europa League and didn’t deserve to go out.

“Even if we had won the Europa League I could feel there was an impatience that was definite.

This guy lives on another planet ffs. Thank fuck he’s gone


That’s a bit of a cheek.
The supporters have been more patient with him than any other club’s supporters have with their managers, especially considering how far we have fallen behind our rivals.

“Great potential?”
He must have those two words printed on the inside of his eyelids.

That’s an amazing thing to say by Wenger.
We have just had the worst season with him, and the season before wasn’t much better, and his blaming supporters for their impatience, rather than his deficiencies.
Even after his left he is still blaming others.

I wonder if in retirement we will ever him he say the words, “I was wrong,” about anything he did at the club.


We are impatient…Wenger Out didn’t happen just yesterday…


It’s clear he needed a bigger personality here to push him on and challenge him after Dein left. Nothing was going to overcome Wenger’s great deficiency as a trainer in the latest period, let’s say 13-18, but I really wonder how a different character in Dein’s position might’ve challenged him both in terms of evolving his methods slightly and in terms of making stronger personnel decisions from 05-13. We might be talking about a very different legacy with at least one league title (the 10-11 season, and perhaps another after because if you win the title that season you’re talking about a different history with some of the names that left…) in his later period.

What we’ve learned now about Gazidis adds a bit more clarity to Wenger’s legacy, in short. Still extremely flawed and he’s done a lot of bad in the last 10 years, but perhaps not quite as flawed as I first thought when he finally stepped down. It’s clear the club let him down at least a little bit, and that it wasn’t just he who let down the club, as I had thought.


Haha you’re full of so much shit. Gazidis has nothing to do with Wenger’s ridiculous amount of shortcomings. They backed him in the market and gave him complete control of the club. They took that control away from him in his final transfer window and eventually let him go because the man was completely finished.

Wenger bought the players he wanted, set the team up the way he wanted, had his staff with him and had virtually complete control of the entire club and was involved in all facets of the club and it was to the clubs detroment.

The club backed him in the way Wenger wanted to be backed so let’s not start reaching now.

I can’t believe you’re so hurt about us appointing Emery and not Arteta that you’re reevaluating Wenger’s legacy lol


None of this is incompatible with what I’ve said. My criticism of Gazidis is exactly that he was not a more forward-thinking influence on Wenger in terms of modernising the club. He instead modernised it about 5 years after all of our competitors.

I am indeed angry about Emery (not so much Arteta, because if we’d chosen acceptable choice I would be happy right now), but you’re the one who reads like they’re angry, tbh. Probably because a part of you knows how wrong you’ve been about this whole process and the fact that that’s going to play out over these coming years.



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