Arsène Wenger


Wow talk about being up your own backside yes you were loyal and thanks for that but the club was loyal to you also. They could have binned him too just as easily.


Come on now. 20+ years for a manager are massive exemptions. Wenger, Ferguson and the guy from Auxerre are the only ones since WW II and maybe even before that.


Managers aren’t really disloyal to clubs, clubs are more often disloyal to managers.

I think the only disloyal big manager right now is Guardiola who leaves jobs for a laugh.


It was more easy for Wenger to give middle finger to financial restrictions and join Real Madrid back in 2006 than for Arsenal to sack Wenger in 2012.

Wenger has done fair bit to display his loyalty.


No one is debating that but it would be naive to believe that there was not a symbiotic relationship between Wenger and the club.

If I had a throne you’d damn well have to drag me from it. Hubris got the best of the old king in the end.


This is disturbing…


Sharon Stone wishes she still had legs that nice :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


He is going to try to seduce A4TT and see if he can resist or not…i reckon he just wont be able to, after all Wenger is his dream man :giroud:


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Wenger doesn’t seem to be hairy lol


If you had a choice of winning the domestic league and Champions League with teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and PSG.

I think you would give up on the stale Arsenal throne with the amount of constraints you would have (as well as your so called full control of the club).


I watched that film on Netflix the other day. I thought it looked like it could be funny but I didn’t laugh that much.


There are funny parts but it’s not just a comedy. One of my favourite ever Irish films. They’ve also made a series which I loved too. :slight_smile:


Wenger leaving Colney for the very last time. Must have taken him 4 days to clear his desk.


Dudes got a car with a flappy paddle gearbox. I now have a genuine reason to hate him.


As in jealousy or your distaste for such things?