Arsène Wenger


What did he say? Wasn’t Neville though that absolutely destroyed Xhaka for being useless during the World Cup?


That title :rofl:


Please make sure you all refer to him by his full title from now: “Knight Grand Commander of the Humane Order of African Redemption”.

A thread name change should be in order too…



Arsene Wenger OBE, PhD, KGCHOAR


This is why we need a proud expression smiley! (I’m still trying to google the perfect pic)



What’s Wenger done to warrant the honour?


Maybe watch the video in the post above yours? It’s probably a personal thing too from Weah.


I did. Doesn’t answer the question of what he’s done specifically for the country and people of Liberia to warrant their highest honour.

He’s done nothing to deserve in the international categories either.

Seems like an abuse of the honour to award it on the basis of a personal relationship. That’s outright corruption in my book, it’s an issue that’s plagued the entire continent.


What are exactly the criteria for getting the honour?

Yeah, something white western goverments gladly kept feeding and take advantage off.


I have to agree. It’s abuse of power.


You guys are making way to much out of this. Kevin Spacey is Knight of the British Empire I read during the whole scandal around him. For what reason should an American actor be Knight of the British Empire? All these honorary titles are given out for random shite in some cases.


I assume for his time in the Old Vic.

But undeserved praise and rewards has been Wenger’s thing for the past few years.


Genuinely don’t know what the Old Vic is. That is something that grants people a KBE title?


Old renowned theatre in London


Vic Groves? :facepalm:


Not really similar situations at all really


I wasn’t even trying to imply that these situations are similar. Rather that it’s pretty random for what honorary titles are given out in some cases. This example came to mind.



That baby is probably already on 100k per week.


Damn Arsene’s looking old. Last year must have really aged him.