Arsène Wenger


My FUCKING manager :laca:



Le Boss :heart:. Such a special guy.




Not sure where to post this

Personally, i’m not sure this is a good idea. We’ve struggled defensively this season (understatement) and Wenger can’t be solely responsible for that.

Am I being harsh?


Yes. Because you don’t know how responsible Bould and Lehmann are for coaching and how much free dom they got too coach anyway.


Yeah that’s why I asked if I was being harsh. We all know that Wenger is a control freak.

With Bould though, we see him on the sidelines saying absolutely nothing. When he did the press conference on Wenger’s behalf, it was probably the first time i’d heard him talk in about 10 years

Anyway – Lehman may be fine – but I can’t imagine someone like Allegri wanting Bould next to him. He’d probably be kept on if we got Arteta or Vieira though.


I don’t think that Bould could’ve done much as assistant manager with Wenger in charge, knowing that the latter had full control of training sessions, and that any other assistant would’nt really influence the way he works or challenge him.


doesn’t matter imo, let a new manager bring his own crew if he wants to (I guess coaches that are willing to do what they say can stay ofc). At least if it is an experienced manager that comes in summer. That way they have the best chance to perform at their best.

If we’re however taking a punt on a spring chicken for our next manager then god help us all lol


Bould coached the youth team well

Worth keeping him on to see how he does


I heard people say he actually was a pretty poor youth coach.


Hard to say with Bouldy. He projects all the intensity of a roll of wallpaper (yes, this may be down to living in the shadow of AW for too long), but ffs show some passion, transmit some passion for once instead of just sitting there like an old grump.


Maybe Bould can finally express himself now without Wenger.


After retiring, he began working towards his UEFA coaching badges and in June 2001 moved back to Arsenal and became a coach for the youth teams. He was the head coach of Arsenal’s U18 Academy side, whom he led to the Premier Academy League title in 2008–2009,[7] 2009–2010[8] and FA Youth Cup in 2008–2009.[9]

From wiki.

Doesn’t sound that bad.


That will be interesting because the last time he expressed himself he grabbed someone by the neck :rofl:


I always read positive things about Bould the coach so I think there’s more to him than working under Wenger has shown.



Got my canvas in today. Looks unreal good tbh


I’m in that picture :grin:


Why keep Bould? A new manager will want their own assistant and maybe even coaches, so are we demoting him to some lesser coaching role after 5 years? Unless he’s like CB coach.


He will probably support Per in the academy.