Arsène Wenger


Wasn’t Bould linked with PL jobs not long ago? Best to have a clean break, I think he could get a managerial gig in the Championship

If he does want to stay with the club, he is the one who should be made U-23s manager


Bould’s an Arsenal man, not a Wenger man. So he won’t follow Wenger and rather take another role in the club I reckon.


Sounds like if Bould does stay on, they’ll create a role for him


I meant coaching our defence because Wenger was doing by himself.


I know bro - was more pointing out Bould could be good for us if he grabbed a few of our players and wrung their necks lol !! :joy:




I think that BS


I don’t know where these quotes have been coming from, but here’s another one :


I’m not sure any bank manager anywhere would sanction a multi million pound deal based on a football manager staying at a club.

I think the fact that we had around a 40k waiting list for season tickets is a more likely reason.


Was about the say the exact same thing. It’s a nice sound bite but that story is pure fiction


It isn’t “based on” but if you are doing risk management, it is totally normal to worry about “key men” to an enterprise… I am sure it was one of many boxes they looked at to assess the total deal, risks, etc.

I can totally see that being discussed - it isn’t black/white “we will sign if he stays and not if he doesn’t” but I can definitely seeing it being in the risk equation, which is one lever in how the total deal structure gets done.


We already knew that!

That’s old news that was leaked ages ago back in 13/14 when we had our best defence in a decade. Bould had taken over from Rice and was in charge of the defence, and that was when Koscielny and Mertesacker had the season of their lives. We were top of the league for 128 days right up until, the rumours say, Wenger got fed up of Bould getting all the credit for the defence and revoked his responsibilities.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s also the season Bellerin had his break-out and played phenomenally for his age. Probably because they were actually being coached in defensive tactics.

You know, everyone keeps talking about how we desperately need a squad clear out, but I’m not so sure.

Xhaka, captain of MGB at 23 highly rated Bundesliga midfielder who was great for MGB. Mustafi, pretty highly rated coming off the back of two great seasons at Valencia. Kolasinac, Bundesliga LB of the year. Iwobi, one of if not the best player for Nigeria every single time they play. List goes on.

Why do they all turn to shit when they play for Arsenal but otherwise have never indicated that they are shit? I think there’s a common theme here and I think it’s clear, like with Bould and the defence, that Wenger obviously didn’t know how to get the most out of a lot of these players tactically.

I’d be pretty hesitant to do a big clear out this summer just because I think there’s a lot of really good players in the squad, but they just haven’t been able to shine under Wenger’s tactics.


You’re right, but that Dein quote makes out as if as if a multimillion pound debt finance agreement was solely dependant on a football manager signing long term deal. That simply is not true


Yeah Dein is a bit of a drama queen lol.


That’s the way I saw it too, having one of the best managers at the time commit to a long term deal, means managerial stability, which could be factored in the bank’s credit analysis.


That was 14/15 cristo 13/14 we still had Sagna with Jenks as backup


Ahh right!

So was Kos and Mert the 13/14 season or 14/15?

They all blur into one haha


13/14 was the KosPer peak!


Yea Bellerin didn’t play that year and that theory is batshit crazy. Bould’s youth teams leaked like crazy anyway from what I heard. And that was the season we got thrashed by City, Liverpool and Chelsea anyway. We defended very well aside from those games but partly due to controlling possession.

And the prolific Iwobi who has 4 goals in 15 games for Nigeria against pub teams is somehow underperforming because of Wenger’s tactics? Have a word son.


That’s just about sums Wengers tenure up .
Bouldy played and worked with possibly the best back 4 in modern day football.
GG installed a foundation to build on .
Everything in life is built on a strong foundation, football is one of them .
Bouldy should have been given a greater touch line coaching role , not a coach just siting in the bench like a spare prick at a wedding.