Arsène Wenger




I love the idea of a European ‘super league’ but I can’t ever see it being implemented or the practicalities of such a move.


That sounds like the CL but with extra steps.


afcstuff (afcstuff)
Wenger: “The next evolution? Maybe I will see you in a few years and you will certainly have a European league over the weekends. A domestic league will certainly play Tuesday and Wednesday. I think that is the next step we will see.”

Wenger has predicted a lot of stuff, and most of it hasn’t happened, and I’m not sure this will either.


If we got Arteta we could ask Wenger to come back.


I certainly would.
Perhaps it’s all part of a devious plan :wink:


Wenger to save us from relegation. He just misses it in his Premier League career :wenger:


Luca why do you have such a thing about us and relegation hah


Arteta would surely get an away point though lol.

It’s not a hard bar to beat Wenger.


Because it’s the only thing we are missing atm.


Last 72 hours with Wenga :frowning_face:


That’s not a bad thing :wink:


It’s still the end of an era, you @Calum :santi:


No chance of a Euro league. PL generating as much money as it does won’t be outdone any time soon. FIFA Trump UEFA and there’s all sorts of complications would come in with a breakaway. Just never gonna happen.


Hope it doesn’t. Gap between big clubs and the rest is wide enough as it is.


Yes one we should be celebrating


It depends.


It doesn’t depend luca. There is nothing to be sad about Wenger leaving.


What should of happened should of been a Scotish/Dutch/Portugese and others premier league to build up top teams from those regions.

An actual Euro League would be shite to watch for ‘top teams’ like us. Depending on how many teams we’d be relegation zone or mid-table year after year after year