Arsène Wenger


I know, just like I knew Wenger was finished years ago.


Wow! Do you want a candy for being right? :smile:


I’m not sure if there is any precedent in football for someone leaving a club after so long and successfully managing elsewhere, but it’s hard to imagine him adapting to any other club now.


Not saying he is gonna successful, but it was clear he was fed up and bored here. Leaving might do him well.


So much so that he was desperate to stay


No he wasn’t lol. He’d had stayed manager years more if it was up to him


His face on the bench told you otherwise, tbh.


As emotional as Sunday was , thank Christ Wenger is finally going .
Hurry up and sign , Allegri
We need you ASAP !


Yeah exactly, despite the nostalgia trip we all took recently and the love we have for Wenger as a human, this is why change had to happen.

EDIT: Big Weng going IN :giroud3:


First Gunner Girl, now you…

There has been a little surge in people sense of humour


And this gives you some joy does it?


Nah it doesn’t, it’s actually frustrating that the people that dished shit out at me for wanting gone years ago have now gone into hiding.


Love it! Fucking cuntish referees.


Nah we still find you as annoying as ever


Wasn’t so much talking about on here actually, most people on here have remained around admitting he needs to go. Apart from you of course :+1:




Still surreal reading this tbh

I imagine clearing his desk on Thursday next week will be a hard one