Arsène Wenger


Wenger into the semis, he can smell blood now. Wenger usually closes the deal from this stage. Cmon Wenger find another way to give the big :fu::fu::fu::fu: to all these fucking cunts who gave up on you.


I’ve never doubted Wenger’s ability to beat Ostersund and CSKA Moscow.


They love big Weng in Russia


I would want to cuddle him too.


Awwwww . . . Wengiebear. :slight_smile:


Maybe the Russian media know he will leave at the end of the season and they want the chance to get a selfie with him before he goes :grinning:




no fucking way should we be looking at arteta, dont care about wenger tho.


How reliable is this guy?

If he is, ¡¡¡Aúpa Atléti!!! @JakeyBoy


Really win/win for us

Win Europa we have a European trophy for the first time in years

Don’t win we are free of Wenger :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You’re gonna feel crushed next season when we don’t win the EL and Wenger is still here.


His information seems itk, has called stuff before the big time journo’s catch onto the information. If you check his page, he also mentions Luis Enrique to Chelsea is practically done.


Is that true?


We can’t give Arteta this job as his first managerial position. It would be utterly suicidal. Why can’t we just go for a proven manager ffs, many will want the job.


Until we appoint Arteta I’m calling bullshit on any report that he’s even in the running.


But see that he says that’s his personal opinion. The stuff his source says is about Wenger.

I hope it’s true.


I don’t know hombre!


I’ve said for ages I’m convinced he will leave at the end of this season if we don’t qualify or the CL, but if we are seriously considering Arteta I would rather keep Wenger, and that’s saying something.

What has Arteta achieved as a manager?
Nothing, because he has never managed a club.

All our rivals have got top ,managers so when Wenger goes we have to look for a top quality replacement, not a cheap option who has no experience at the job.


I don’t really get the Arteta link. I mean maybe they saw something special in him and know something we don’t about his genius mind or people skills or coaching ability but it’s not like he’s a massive fan favourite. He was good for us in a time when we were crap, and he was liked a lot by the fans, but he was never any kind of saviour for us and it didn’t take long for people to decide he should be replaced.

I don’t think the fans are going to be willing to give him time just because he played for us in the same way I’d imagine them giving time to someone like Bergkamp.


Think laca’s let the cat out the bag lol