Arsène Wenger


Meh he’s been hugely disrespectful to us fuck him


It’d be disrespectful. He deserves a proper reception in his last game at the Emirates. We all might want him gone but he’s given his life to the club


Lol sorry didn’t know Wenger was your dad :joy::joy:



Did Wenger truely claim he might be a victim of age discrimination? If true nice to all the 30+ players he only gave one year extensions.




No it’s cause your shit pal


Answered it himself whwn he said the results are not good enough. Just a stupid cunt now.


LOL! Fucking hell! That’s full senile from him.


Would you call a young manager senile, or is Wenger right about you? :mustafi:


"The older you get, the more it becomes age discrimination. I accept if the results are not good enough then you have to take the consequences.

The second part of what you said is why we want to see the back of you Arsene.


The think of the Arsenal’s owners is clear. After the match with Milan, I read a few reviews on and realized that they would never change the guaranteed 4th or 5th or 6th place in the table for obscure prospects. The current position allows the club to receive sufficient profit, there is no sense to risk with the change of coach. This way, Arsenal is the most stable team in the world.


I think you’re probably right.
We have an owner who is only interested in profit, and a manager that is happy to drift along and try to prove that his way is the only way.

We are a stable club, and we will continue to make profits for the owner, but in reality we have stagnated to a level that we haven’t seen since Wenger came here.
So if stability and profit is the only ambition of the club, I suggest we get rid of the owner and the manager and get some people who care about success more.


Wenga at his finest :mkhi:

on whether he tweaked anything at half-time…
Yes. Personally, I felt it was not so much about football, more mental. We broke up two weeks ago, came back, switched off, we’ve got a big [Europa League] game, not a lot to go for in the Premier League in some people’s minds. Football does not stop and go, it’s about keeping continuity in your performances. The players realise that. I think that this group of players is very healthy, very strong, has got solidarity and responded very well in the second half.



Felt so weird seeing him in the person with his long jacket on :joy::joy: he’s not just some character on my tv screen hah



Always been advocate of fans being culprits


God, we are god damn awful away from home. Wenger hasn’t worked it out yet :wenger2:


I dunno, Luca. It’s a deeper plot than us mortals can fathom.:wenger: