Arsène Wenger


Save the manager? Add Lacazette to my sell list.


Even if new manager is in line, why would we ask the players?
Fuck them. I want half of them gone anyway.


So, Lacazette, our second choice striker wants Wenger to stay.
I wonder why?
Could it be that when a new manager comes in, who is more ruthless and ambitious, he will sell Lacazette to fund better signings?


Or it could just be that he’s an employee saying something respectful about his boss. Regardless of squad status nobody is going to be saying anything different.


What is people’s problem with Lacazette? Why would you want to sell him ffs


I’m not fussed either way, but if a new manager sees a 50m signing on massive wages as cover for Aubameyang, he might want to sell him and strengthen positions we are desperate for, unless he can play in a different role.

It’s nice to have a player like him as cover but realistically, Lacazette isn’t going to settle for a regular place on the bench.


We bought Auba 6 months after Lacazette. Your argument is invalid.


This is something I really dislike about Wenger. In stead of going 4-4-2 when Laca and Auba are both playing, one seems to be tucked out on the wing. Why for fucks sake?


So that Willock can play number 10 duh.


Laca is fucking amazing, a player with great movement. He just needs time to adjust. He’ll be a candidate for the golden boot next season. I love LACA!!!


I wonder if he is doing a mourinho and focusing on Europa


No. He’s just shit.


I think he wants to give that impression to excuse the shit.

Completely random to start Willock in his first game away from home in front of 55000 over Welbeck or Nelson.

  • Arsenal are the only team in the top 5 divisions without a single away point in 2018.
  • 33 points behind the leaders.
  • 13 points behind Spurs in 4th.
  • Burnley are only 2 points behind us for fucks sake!

Good god it keeps getting worse and worse in the league. Astonishingly poor.


When was the last time we lost more than ten games in a season and let in 45 goals?
There are still five games to go so it’s not unlikely that we could finish the season losing around twelve games, conceding more than fifty goals and finishing behind Burnley.

Every season we hear Wenger say that he knows where our weaknesses are and how he is going to fix it, and yet every season he gets worse.

If we get knocked out of the Europa by Atletico Madrid, he has no choice but to resign, because he would just be embarrassing himself if he stayed.

He is dragging us down to a level we haven’t seen before and it is becoming the norm.
How the board could tolerate a season like this is unacceptable.


Has been said (not sure how true it is) that even if he fails he has come out and said he never walks away from contracts so the club will have to fire him. Cheek of the little fucker!


You won’t get any money back for selling Lacazette if he’s on 200k a week


If he’s on that amount, then you’re probably right.
Why did Wenger think it was a good idea to pay a player, who has never played for a top club, in a top European league, more than anyone else at the club?

This is just another example of how useless he is in the transfer market.

As I’ve said, he is possibly the best second choice striker we have had, but for a manager renowned for his tight fisted approach for transfers, 50m is a lot of money to cover for Aubameyang, and it’s obvious he didn’t plan it that way.


Because the market has changed, 50m isn’t that much money for a top club. 200k is probably too much but Lukaku who also isn’t elite either and gets called a donkey on redcafe is on 250k and will likely cost 100m when all is said and done. Morata cost 70m and is on a more modest 155k a week. All of those players have been pretty midling strikers and in terms of goals per minute in the PL they are all pretty much equal, Morata and Laca being completely equal in PL goals. Jesus and Mane have 1 less goal than those men.

Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang are also on around 200k

I also tend to think Lacazette has more potential with more PL experience and confidence. Even Auba said Laca was low on confidence. If you can teach him to get into space more often and he gets 4 chances per game he’ll be prolific, the technique is there, it’s just the movement is not. This is player who got around 40 goals last season

Also top clubs should have a variety of strikers in their squads anyway. At our best we did and Fergie’s United did too.


Wenger is gonna win us the PL next year. Sven is gonna bring us some legit players, and Wenger will manage his ass off. Then he will retire after having said fuck you to the naysayers and winning them the league simultaneously.

*been drinking at the long beach grand prix fyi so I’m a bit fucked but this is dream case scenario would make my life if this happened. :grin::grin::grin::grin: