Arsène Wenger


Winning the Europa League would make him thinking he is still the best man for the job. It’s clearly not the case.


Different opinions here…
Well, as I said, win it first… :slight_smile:


There’s no way I’m trading a Europa League trophy for another year of suffering and backwards progress (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @JakeyBoy ) under Wenger, or who knows if more. That’s madness when you actually get down and think about it, and I’m surprised six people were willing to agree with it. We’d have better chances of winning it next season under a competent manager than we do this season qualified for the last 16.

The only plausible argument would be that getting back into the CL for next season would be a case of positives (not further reducing club status with players; obvious financial repercussions, etc.) outweighing the negatives (another year of incompetent management), but that’s not the argument you’ve made. And I think that too is a pretty difficult one to make.


I didn’t think I had to point that part out. That’s obvious, no?

I said this all last season when people on here wanted to miss out on top 4. We should be playing in the elite competition and perhaps people disagree with me but winning trophies and qualifying for the CL is something I want for my club.


Yes, but pointing it out is different than making that argument (and making it well), and you did none of those things.

Yes, so do I. No doubt we’d be in the CL right now if we had fired Wenger a while back, and no doubt we would’ve won a major trophy (league in 15-16) if we had done so as well. So yeah, permit me to suggest that the means (firing Wenger) to get to the end (winning trophies and being in the CL) that we all want is not really the one you’re suggesting.


The thing is we’ve no way of knowing that trade off actually exists. We don’t know what would make him walk away, we don’t know what will make the board sack him, we don’t know if the decision is already made mutually…honestly if Ivan or Stan announced that its EL or bust for Wenger I’d have to seriously consider which way I wanted to go. Until then it’s a no brainer. I want us to win that trophy!


That’s a stance I can buy. But this

is not.


Well it kind of is. People have said they’d turn down a European trophy this season if winning it meant Wenger stayed. I’m saying I wouldn’t turn it down. It’s as simple as that – I want to be in the CL for all the reasons you just mentioned and I want to win any competition we’re in. Though personally I don’t think the EL will make an iota of difference to Wenger’s future anyway.

This is just stupid. It’s all a bloody moot point/hypothetical question. Not like they’re going to send out fan surveys giving us the choice!


Give him a ceremonialrole as Arsenal footballing liaison to France and give him an office in Paris with a fax machine that he can send reports on 10 year olds. Idgas get him out of the locker room and out of London preferably.

It’s obvious we lack the cajones to do what needs to be done I’m just ready to see any kind of “next steps” as we say at the office.


:arteta: a wolf ffs :poldi:


He just continues to revolutionize the game.


Did he mean Wolverhampton or Wolfsburg? In either case, now I get it why we are shit.


Quite surprised he knows how to draw a wolf


That’s it. Still a long way to go :smile:


I wonder if it looked anything like this



Port Vale?! :joy:


I was about to offer up Borussia Monchengladbach as we lost both ties to them 3-2 in 1996 but did a google and that was right before Wenger took charge.


Gonna do them this time, unless they arr gonna use gas :sunglasses:


How good would it be if Wenger finds out he’s been replaced without even telling him first :joy::joy::joy:


Hugely disrespectful tbh.