Arsène Wenger



Everyone knows he is our greatest manager ever. We just think it is time for a new challenge.


Martin Keown has lost it.

Talking as a fan, not just a former player, if they were to win the Europa League and get back in the Champions League that way, and if that meant Wenger was there for another two or three years, I would be quite pleased.


I agree with him to be honest. I honestly don’t understand how fans can sniff at silverwear – particularly a European trophy, purely because they have an issue with the manager. Whether Wenger goes this season or not, we know the end is nigh. Whereas, who knows when we will have the chance to win a European trophy again.

Of course I don’t want Wenger to stay another year, but if winning it means we have 1 more year of him then so be it. There is absolutely no way in hell I’m going to hope we don’t win this trophy.


Yes but Keown mentions him staying for two or three years, not just one. Do you agree with him on that?


Obviously I wouldn’t want him to stay for another two or three years (and neither do I think that will be the case regardless of silvewear) but yeah, I’m still taking the European trophy – as I said, we have no idea when we’ll have another chance at one.


Next season :wink:


It will take a huge amount of luck to win the Europa, even more so that United got last season playing shit teams all the way. If we stay in it we’ll bump into Atletico who will destroy us. Europa is out if reach for our squad barring a miracle.


You know what I meant :smile:

There are so many variables anyway. It’s just hypothetical at the moment. But the wind of change is in motion – and hopefully the decision on Wenger’s future has already been made.


LOL, I love the way that it is left there with no one with it, its almost as if someone just opened it out as a banter thing and didnt want to be associated with it. I can see it now They go down a street in an unmarked Van out comes a couple of men in ski masks with the banner they open it up and place it down run back in the van and all you here is ‘GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ wheels screech and they speed off into the distance…the council are now looking out for a gang which are expert flytippers.


I don’t think there’s much on that banner that most supporters would disagree with.
But there is no where on it where it says the word stay.


Keown has proven himself a bloody idiot I see. He was one of the ones ranting about Wenger on 5live just earlier.

Look at how psychotic this whole situation has made anyone associated with Arsenal.

No matter what happens re Europa, the manager needs changed at the end of the season.

But I would rather win Europa and Wenger stay than lose Europa and Wenger go.


I think we all (or most) here pay a lot of respect to Wenger.

Get the statue, and PLEASE, step down. PLEASE.


Now that the transfer business looks to be firmly wrestled from Wenger, I wouldn’t be completely fussed if he stayed for 2 or 3 more years, especially if he can win the EL. I still wanna see what Wenger can do if he was given a half decent team. I would rather him try his luck with PSG tho.


If we win the EL, I am willing to let him finish the contract.
Nothing more than an annual evaluation… right now, win the EL first, then talk


No, winning an european cup should see him going out on a high.


Haha savage


He deserve to decide his own destination, if he really win the EL.

We want him to go out on a high, but he may think the opposite.
Staying longer could be important than going out on a high.


Nah he doesn’t know what he wants or what he wants isn’t best for him.

He should go on a high in that case.


He doesn’t though. Its long since passed the point where he deserves anything other than the sack.