Arsène Wenger


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So how are these stats applicable? Seems to me it fits the natrative that the team just gave up and stopped giving a damn. I’ll take the first two, because we do play somewhat open football and we are always gonna concede chances.


Look at Man City in the bottom 3 for big chances conceded in all 3, all that despite being comfortably on the way to scoring 100+ league goals.


1 billion well spent.


Remember when you thought no one would ever get 100 points or so in the EPL ? Due to ultra competitive teams ? I think we just have to accept that the competitiveness of the league wasn’t so much do to with that, more that no one was just that good.


If they can win all… CL and EPL, those money were really well spent.




They’ve invested 1 billion and brought in a manager thats really damn good. Im soooo surprised they are beating everyone I can’t believe it, wow amazing!!


Do you now I understand why I was so critical of us not taking our chance in 15/16 when 80 points won the title ? I told you it was an anomaly


I’ll still argue the league is difficult though because one team runs away with the league, but then there’s the other top teams that struggle. We finished on 75 points 1 off 4th, and City struggled just as hard as we did last year.

If we could go out and spend 500m in a couple summers, and keep rotating out managers until we found the right one, guranteed we’d be winning a title in year one or two. Then we’d probably take a step back as every team who’ve won the league in recent history have done. It’s almost as if someone has a hurculean effort one season to win it all, and then they drop off the following season because it took too much out of them.


I’m tipping City defend the title next season pretty comfortably, don’t think it will be 20 + like this season will be but I expect double figures.




I think Nicholas is relying on Milan to beat us to go through to the next round.
Because that is the only possible reason Wenger would make an announcement that he’s going to leave.

Wenger knows he made a massive mistake the last time there was uncertainty at the club, last season, when he was dithering over a new contract.
He might have actually learned from that and not say anything either way, until the end of the season, about what he is going to do.


He actually says the opposite. Charlie says he thinks Wenger will make an announcement on his future if we win

His words were:

“I’m backing Arsenal to win by three or more goals against this bog-standard Milan side.”

“However, I also have a feeling that there might be an announcement by the manager either on Friday or over the weekend to confirm that he is going to step down in the summer, perhaps going upstairs, easing the tension and allowing the team to have a go for the Europa League without the same strain.”

“He knows the fans don’t hate him, they’re just angry with him, but it was the first time I’ve heard him use the word ‘hate’ and I just think he’s realising he needs to do something to ease the anger.”


The shock announcement ‘I have signed a new contract until 2023. I strongly believe I have the mental strength and desire to do well I feel I can bring success to the club I love’. :gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel:


That’s fair enough.
But it just seems like guess work rather than any ITK information.

Saying that, I do agree with him and have thought he will leave for a while but I don’t think Wenger will announce it before the end of the season.

He won’t want a repeat of the disruption it caused when he dithered before he signed his last contract.

There is nothing to be gained from announcing he is leaving after beating AC Milan.


Yeah of anyone can do it, it will be City. I’m sure they’ll spend another 250m + this summer just because they can. Although if they fall off I wouldn’t be surprised either. Expect Chelsea and United to keep throwing money at their problems.