Arsène Wenger


Resign then!


Not going to lie I do feel sorry for him. I really wish he could’ve gone out a high ffs. Not nice seeing a legend of the club throw his legacy down the drain.


I can imagine what those would be.

“I h8 2 see you suffer”


Oh cry me a fucking river Arsene



Would you guys believe me if I told you that until May 2009, Wenger had a positive win ratio over SAF?


Yeah, how much behind did he end after those last 4 years ?


If I read that stat on Twitter I’d doubt it but I assume it’s not a trick question?

If it had said 2006 I’d have believed it straight off.


Genuinely true.
Wenger had a positive record over SAF before the CL semi drubbing.

Went from that to: Winning 16 and losing 23 times at SAF’s retirement.


I don’t.

He’s the author of his own misfortune, do agree he should have gone out on a high though.



I hate you personally.


It’s not just the fact you’re losing games ffs, it’s the fact that you refuse to take accountability for poor performances and a clear lack of progress by walking away


thats almost as naive as his tactics


Love how he takes it upon himself to speak for millions of people.

He’s a true politician.


Wenger hanging on desperately here.


If you lot really personally hate a man you’ve never met then may I suggest you get out of the house a bit more and remove yourself from your computer/phone screen and come back to reality a bit.

I understand people don’t want him here anymore that’s fine, but fuck me…grow up like.


Wait. How much is he getting paid again?


That change in system. Everything went too shit.


He’s hoping for the best in people I would imagine. Truth is, if you hate a man you’ve never met because he didn’t get your favorite football club the result you wanted, you’re a sad cunt of a human.