Arsène Wenger


Because then the superfans would accuse him of being disloyal like Adams, Henry, Dixon etc.



All hail our saviour Josh


I would hate to Wenger sacked .
He should do an honest and honourable thing and resign .
Enough is enough.


Well he’s not going to walk away, so do you want him to manage next season or be sacked ??


What job do you think he can land that is better than Arsenal? He is building a strong resume and probably getting paid better than he’d be paid somewhere else.



It’s all very well Grimaldi sticking up for Wenger, but this has been dragging on for ages, and we are falling further behind all our rivals.

We all know “it’s not that simple,” but what does he suggest?
Keep Wenger so he can keep making the same mistakes and drag us down even further?

Grimaldi sounds as if he has learned from Wenger that if things are going badly, just persist with what your doing, keep the same people who are repeating those mistakes and don’t dare criticise them.


He probably is getting paid better than elsewhere but when you’re building a career money shouldn’t always be the fist thought. He’s also learning his trade as an assistant manager and what worse situation to be in where your boss doesn’t utilize your previous talents or listen to you?
As has already been mentioned he was a part of the famous back 4, a defensive rock so you’d assume he knows a thing or two about defending…now take a look at this arsenal side and arsenal in general under Wenger, we aren’t know for being defensively sound, we’ve always had Shakey defences, just because we are Arsenal doesn’t automatically mean we are the best place to be for coaches/assistant managers just like we aren’t the best place to nurture young talent.


Absolutely no to sacking . His position can be made intolerable , offered a golden handshake.
Wenger deserves more than being sacked .


Making his position intolerable to the point he is forced to quit is a bit of a shit, underhand way to go about it, certainly not in keeping with your idea that he deserves better than being sacked (which he doesn’t btw)


Has @Luca_from_Italy made the BBC news website?!


Business is business. If it means undermining someone’s tenure then so beit . Its a polite way of sacking them .
Either way , Wenger has got to go but sacking isn’t the way .


Yeah that is the most cowardly and pathetic way of handling it… make it as respectful and amicable as possible, but move him out if that is what you decide. And do it asap (within the bounds of what is reasonable timing-wise).


No it isn’t polite, it’s cowardly and sneaky. I’m sure almost everyone would rather be respectfully let go rather than have their bosses undermining them to the point that they felt they had no choice but to quit. That’s a disgraceful way for any employer to behave.

You can’t trot out the “business is business” line and then talk about not sacking someone who should lose their job out of some sense of sensitivity or respect.

If “business is business” then he deserves to be fired for grossly under performing. Simple as.


He doesn’t need to be undermined. He needs to be told we are done you are getting the sack. You’ve got 48 hours to give us your resignation, which we would prefer because we appreciate what you’ve done and don’t want to sack you publicly.


Ahahah! :rofl:


Never thought I’d hear you say that haha. Fucking spot on.


He’s one of us!


Did someone seriously write a Wengabe article without this? :eyes:


Lmao no it’s just how I evolve over the season. March ends and I want him out. May rolls through and seeing the joy on the old man’s face when he wins a trophy for us leaves me thinking, I want him out but if the board are dumb enough to keep him on I can’t actively cheer against my footballing father (to take one out of Maxi’s book.) September comes and I can’t help but support the team, hoping we can finally make a big step up. Winter usually results in some familiar disappointing results, with some very encouraging results peppered in amongst them. Then March again :sweat::sweat: Of course this season has been the worst of the last 10 years easily.


Go out on a high. A win at the San Siro and resign today. Perfect ending.