Arsène Wenger


I would rather say it’s the other way around. The FA Cup (domestic cups in general) might have been a bit of a sweetener, but in no way (should it be) an important/deciding factor.


Better than none.

For clubs chasing league title, European trophies, FA Cup is peanuts.
For clubs like Arsenal (right now), this is the cup together with league cup and Emirates Cup are winnable.


Managers have done badly before, crashed and burned at a club and then got other jobs.

On paper Wenger’s done well in all his jobs except the last part of one. I think a big team would be stupid to have him but it could happen. I think he could easily spin the no money line to potential employers.

By the same logic that a lot of shit clubs want to play safe and hire an Allardyce rather than the next Howe out of the Championship, I think a lot of teams want to hire a “top” coach rather than gamble on the next big thing and if the usual suspects aren’t available I can see Wenger being around that group. He’s the most experienced “top” manager out there and I think if circumstances are right someone will bite.


Yup tell PSG, you want wenger we will give you him and you give us Mbappe on a free and we will call it even! :giroud3:


Imagine if agent Wenger went to PSG and convinced them to drop 50m on Welbeck. He can have a statue then.


I would love him to spend all of PSGs money and buy 3/4 of this fucking squad if he ever went there lol, THEN he can have a statue!


Would we buckle? :wenger:



Ozil is Wenger out. Besides, he’d be living it up with his mate big Jogi here :ozil2:



I’ve realised Arsene Wenger is to football what Eminem is to hip hop.

Both were good for a few years in the late 90s early 2000s, and so built up a huge cult following, but have consistently produced shit since then. But this following believes they are some of the best to ever do what they do, despite the overwhelming majority of shit compared to good.

But this is extremely hard to accept as they were both our heroes, however it hits you like a train when you do.

And everyone eventually accepts it, but at different times.

When I changed to Wenger out, it was a similar feeling to 16 year old me coming to a sudden realisation Eminem is crap



I don’t know why anyone would seriously think that a club that would spend 150m on a player would want a manager that only buys players that “meet with his valuation.”

They could choose anyone they want, so why go for a manager who hasn’t come close to winning a PL title or the CL since Mbappe was in junior school.


I like this comparison.


Why in the blue fuck would PSG want Wenger?


He is French

PSG are French

That’s enough of a story for a shit rumour to start hah


Quoting Anders Limpar in a interview:

-It’s horrible defending. I sat down with Nigel Winterburn who’s best friend is Steve Bould. Nigel was so frustrated that he called Steve, whom he played with for 14 years, and asked “what’s going on?” Steve said “I don’t have much of a say. Wenger controls everything”.

-He’s not even allowed to adjust the defence. He’s a defensive rock from The Famous Back Four. That’s the way Wenger works, you should only do what he says.

-Now it’s time to do something drastic. Remove him or buy better defenders.


What I don’t understand, if that really is the case why does Bould even bother to stay here as an assistant manager? Surely he’d be better off somewhere else where his professional opinion mattered?


I would believe Steve Bould loves the club more than Wenger does, and that’s why he stays.


Hopefully his advice goes something like this, “fuck off out of that club”