Arsène Wenger


Image Wenger going there and winning them the Champions League :rofl:


Tbf it would be wrong if he said anything else. The club lacks confidence just as much as proper training right now, so him giving a clear answer isn’t much of a surprise.

And ultimately he’d still only be measured by how many Champions League trophies he wins. I wouldn’t be confident he could provide those.


Fuck off.


Yeah wouldn’t happen, look at his CL record at us from 98-2004.


Lol! Just saying! Relax mate :slight_smile:


I can’t see Wenger leaving this summer or sooner .
I’m afraid we are stuck with him . He is so far up his own arse he cannot see the decline we are in .
It wouldn’t surprise me if he signed a years extension. No surprise what so ever .




Wenger Out!!!


Imagine the moronic Arsenal fans saying “see see that could have been us!” And all of the other false equivalency bullshit.


According to The Times; Wenger believes he’s the right man for the job and has told his coaching staff he will not be leaving this summer.
Wenger’s arrogance and stubbornness wrapped up in one sentence.

Wenger is the only manager in Europe who actually thinks it’s up to him when he will leave a club, even when it’s obvious to everyone else he should go.


Winning the EL is probably easier than winning last seasons FA Cup. Obviously our form, morale and attitude are all piss poor but if they could put it all together


We played two non league clubs is last seasons FA cup. :arteta:


Yea the depth is harder but City and Chelsea are harder games than any in the EL


Nah Atletico are superior to last seasons city, Don’t confuse them to this year’s City.




He thinks like a dictator. “I am bigger than the club”.


That wasn’t a literal instruction. I was just strongly disagreeing with you. :slight_smile:


The correct response was “Will do!”

You are an expert in failure!


I know my question was why are you diaagreeing so strongly? We weren’t favored and everyone to a man on this forum said we were going to get destroyed in the semi and then final.


Wenger might get a (very) high profile job if he gets sacked and if he does all the best. But at Arsenal it’s going nowhere. Which is evident for several years now. There is no reason whatsoever to continue with Wenger for the remainder of his contract let alone this year.