Arsène Wenger


If you think about it, have we actually had any good signings after Sanchez?

All of them have been duds so far. Mkhi and Auba excluded ofc, and jury’s out on Laca for now I guess but still.


You can call them whatever you want, for me they are failures regardless of the money wasted of those shit players.


You pay tight ass money and you have peanuts in return.
You pay premium, you expect first class performance.
The fault is on the one who purchase them, not the one who was purchased.
It is really a problem if we compare a 11m Gabriel Paulista to a 30m+ Mustafi.

IF regardless of money, then more than half of Wenger signings were shit be honest. I will say 70%


Extending his contract would be so incredibly unpopular with the majority of the fan base I can only imagine this is exactly what the board will do.

It’s laughable, really. The team need new ideas and Arsene just isn’t that guy anymore. The game passes everyone by, no shame in that. If we finish 6th, which is looking likely and miss out on the Champions League, which is looking likely considering Lacazette’s injury, I can’t really understand the thought process in extending Arsene’s contract.


I can’t see it, not this time imo.

The only way it has any chance of happening is if we win the League Cup and Europa league, which is almost certainly not happening.

Much more likely to be trophy less and out of top4, where even his position, here, will be untenable.

Ballsack sniffer bogie muncher here we come my friend.


Albeit i dislike him a lot now, it would be good if he left with a trophy. I really can see it now. No chance that after winning the League Cup or the Europa League he stays again.


Did you grow up in alabama???


I think the signings of Mkhitayran and Aubameyang weren’t Wenger signings but Xhaka, Mustafi and Elneny were.
He picks Xhaka and Mustafi to start almost every game, so if they weren’t his signings there is no way he would keep picking players like Xhaka even if it’s clear they are under performing.

I think you might be looking at those Wenger signings through rose tinted glasses.
For every Cazorla or Nasri there were several players of the calibre of Chamakh, Park, Gervinho, Senderos, Santos etc, and some people might even include Arshavin, who was great when he first joined but soon became average.

Whoever made the signings in the last window, I’m sure it wasn’t Wenger.
They were too decisive and the players were experienced at the highest level, also he bought more than one, which is something he never does, even when he is panic buying.


Those are some fair points, and I agree with you.


I remember when Chamakh arrived. Everyone said him, Theo and van Persie would have took the league by storm :hipster:. I also saw them live against Blackpool and they were outstanding together.


You and I would probably look outstanding against Blackpool :grinning:


We thrashed them 6-0 at home in 2010 :smile:


i wasn’t playing in that match, but i heard you were running rings round their defence :grinning:


Had a hattrick :kos2:. Me and Cesc were great together.


Didn’t Walcott score a hat trick that day? That would explain everything :grinning:


Didn’t Chamakh have the best start by an arsenal signing or something?

Then RvP came back from injury and he turned to shit… :joy:


Walcott’s hattrick, Diaby, Chamakh and Arshavin :kos2:


Yeah lol I remembered that was one of the 1st games I went to, was only about 14 and you would’ve thought Walcott was Ronaldo


That game was my second. First was Stoke in 2009.


So every shit signing is wengers and those OA approve of aren’t maybe until that said player turns shit.

People are forgetting the manager has to agree to want those players.