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Legend Carra

I’ve always questioned Arsenal’s mentality. But you’ve always felt they were good enough. I actually still question the mentality but they’re not good enough now. That’s the big thing. Arsenal are actually getting worse now. They’re not getting better. If you go back to the MNF we did against Crystal Palace at the end of last season, I called them cowards. Maybe afterwards when we calmed down a little bit, you reflect and think maybe that was a bit strong, but those stats back it up; 26 points from 26 away games is an embarrassment for a team who are supposedly one of the top teams in the country

HENRY: It’s difficult to explain. You expect Arsenal to have a good record at home, you don’t expect Arsenal to get that many points away from home. It’s very low. We won the league twice unbeaten away from home. With all the flamboyant football we were playing, we knew how to go away and get a 0-0, winning 1-0, not conceding away from home. We knew at home we could open teams up. In 2001/02 all the games we lost were at home. You win the title away from home.


More and more I start to think Setién is the man I want:

Hugely risky choice but it’s the kind of choice we need, honestly. We’re not going to go anywhere with safe choices of the Ancelotti type. Need someone with a strong personality and a real vision, with at least some track record of applying it, and other than Tuchel or maybe Sarri (who I know nothing about) Setién is the only one I see.


Betis can’t defend to save their lives, tbh.


With this three names you offer as suggestion I assume that under a ‘real vision’ you understand managers who play an attacking, possession based style of football?




It’s been all down hill recently


If we renew this fucking dinosaur’s contract this club’s finished. Someone turn the lights off on the way out


wouldnt pay much attention to Wilson, i dont think he is that credible tbh.


I don’t like the part that says they are looking to make a decision in the summer or “early next season”.

If they’re not making a decision until next season that means Wenger will be here next season :expressionless:


What’s the point of him staying?
He has had longer than any other manager in Europe, and more money than most, and he is no nearer to winning the PL.
In fact we have stagnated and other managers have overtaken him.

This is the first season I can remember where we haven’t heard him say we can win the PL and he is even talking about struggling for a top four place with so many games to go.

Even he knows he has gone as far as he can, and no matter who he buys, he just hasn’t got what it takes.
I’m certain he will leave, or be pushed, after this season, because he shouldn’t be allowed to drag us down any further.

He knows it, the board know it, and even the AKB’s know it.


It sounds like exactly the generic shite you’d expect to hear from any board member at this time of the season. I wouldn’t read anything into it either way.


So this is really weird to me.

I was thinking about this this evening, after @Arsenal4thetreble posted the Moley Mole tweet about Meyer, Alderweireld, Horn etc.

It’s pretty clear that after the Aubameyang saga etc. that Wenger does not have 100% control of the signings that we make any more. But for how long has he not had control?

Think about it. How many of our recent signings have been relative duds that, for all intents and purposes, haven’t really worked out? How many times do we see posts on here and other forums talking about how Wenger doesn’t really know how to use these new players he keeps signing?

Maybe he doesn’t know how to use these players because they’re not players he wants or knows how to use.

Xhaka, Mustafi, Gabriel, Lacazette, Elneny. None of these signings seem like Wenger signings AT ALL. Cazorla, Nasri, Ozil, Fabregas, Arshavin, Koscielny, Giroud, those are Wenger signings.

The former seem like StatDNA/Moneyball Statistical Analysis based signings where you’re buying them because some software said they have really good X90pg or whatever. Our football started going to TOTAL shit around the same time we started making those Elneny StatDNA type signings (about 2 seasons ago).

Wenger used to get a lot of shit for signing super agile, technical players like Cazorla, Nasri, Arshavin etc. but when we were signing players like that we were still playing great, amazing football.

Is it possible that Gazidis took over/played a much more significant role in transfers and started making signings that Wenger neither wanted and wasn’t sure how to play or utilise?

It could explain the significant drop off in our style of football as we haven’t played our attractive style of football for some time yet. Even Sanchez didn’t really feel like a TRUE Wenger signing. The last Wenger signing feels like Ozil/Monreal to be honest.

I wouldn’t be too surprised too find out that Gazidis pulled rank on Wenger in the last few seasons and has relied on scouts and Stats geeks whispering in his ear, making Xhaka/Gabriel/Mustafi/Elneny style signings and completely neutering Wenger’s managerial play style.

I know Wenger is past it but it is a HUGE drop off all of a sudden, more than you’d expect even with how poorly we were doing 2-3 seasons ago. And to then extend Wenger’s contract, if you’re taking his power away and he can’t work with the signings you’re making for him what’s the fucking point?


To be honest, I feel these are all signings that were maybe lower on the list than the ones Wenger really wanted, but for financial reasons we got the ones we got.

In all honesty, Sanchez wasn’t really a Wenger signing either if we look at how he played out.

I can’t see Wenger ever being given players Conte style that he doesn’t want. We would definitelyhave heard more about that by now.


Other than us buying stat dna there’s basically nothing to back this up. We scout the absolute fuck out of anyone we sign. The scouting team are very much Wengers men too. At least up to the arrival of that lad from Leicester anyway.


Fair enough.

I wonder why we’ve switched over to new types of players that Wenger doesn’t know how to use compared to the more traditional Wenger type players.

Seems like a bit of a failed experiment lol


I think it’s just extremely likely Wenger has no clue what he’s doing for the most part but is also still capable of moments of brilliance such as the cup final.


Wenger has always bought players first and tried to figure out how to play them later. Some fit quite easily like Cazorla, Ozil or Arteta. Other like Arshavin were regularly move from one position to another depending of who was available. Then come failed experiment like Podolski, Gervinho, Xhaka, Chamakh, etc.


Fuck… when you scout, you scout players that are not so well known, not Toni Kroos (even at Bayern) right??

From 2011 to now, I think roughly 50% Wenger’s purchase were good/decent ones, and half of them are bad/not so good.
Wondering what these scouts are doing… or Arsenal scouts are pretty bad??

Looking forward to Sven’s job… yes, he might be the one who helped us to get Auba and Miki, but they are already good a few years back.


For the amount we paid and what we got in return, I would not say the players you mentioned were really failure, except Xhaka. He still have a chance to prove me wrong, but as a 30m+ purchase, right now, he offers close to nothing and is a failure.
How much we paid for Poldi, Big forehead and Cham?
Peanuts in compare to Xhaka, Laca.