Arsène Wenger


We haven’t got as much money as some clubs but when clubs like Leicester, Liverpool and spurs are ahead of us, there is something very wrong.

I admire your loyalty, but it is directed at Wenger, not the club, and it should be the other way round.
Wenger is dragging us down, and it was this misplaced loyalty by the AKB’s supporting him, and consequently keeping him in a job, that has seen us fall behind our rivals.

I support Arsenal, not the man who earns 8m a season managing us.


I go church every Sunday and l hold my brothers near to me . Good , bad , we are one , we forgive and we are thankfull.
Wenger like Holy man ( many many cups others jealous ), staying together will reward us spiritually . In Kalanga we say
" the fruit tree grows only if watered but must be happy first "
Peace brother


That might be true, but I just don’t want Wenger holding the watering can.


Wenger a Holy man ?
Fucking defence is holy , leaks like a sieve.



I really struggle reading these tweets a lot of the time because the lack of punctuation makes them so hard to fucking decrypt sometimes.

Just throw in some fucking quotation marks and a comma, it’s not that fucking hard.


I know what you mean generally but I think this one isn’t too hard to follow


The first two times I read it I thought she was annoyed about him going to a game :sunglasses:


Exactly what I read. Had to read it twice to understand :smile:.


Maybe it’s where I grew up lol, but I’m totally used to people talking and writing in that way


Oh c’mon @Cristo that was very easy to read and understand hah


I struggled reading that, too


Pretty easy to read. Guess me and @Calum are the smart ones on this board :sunglasses:


I think it says more about your various peasant backgrounds than it does your level of intellect :kroenke:


Being able to understand any language is a sign of superior intellect :xhaka:


She should learn how write properly, first.


Tweets is the total opposite to write a proper essay and something politically correct.
Look at Donald Trump.


Bloody foreigners :mustafi:


shut up pastel de nata boy!!!


Goddam bacalao bitches