Arsène Wenger


I was so stupid to like you all the time.


I can’t stand someone who wants to see us relegated just because he hates how other fans express themselves.


Literally today you said you wouldn’t mind getting relegated if it meant some shit fans went away.


I was full of rage.


Champions League is a bit different to the Europa tbf no?


yeah but we are in no position to pick and choose. I’d take a european trophy here and now no matter what.

If wenger doesn’t take it seriously (can see this happening easily) in a misguided attempt to try for 4th place (very likely) he should be gone.

So there is little point in even having this discussion because we know how this will end.


I’d love a Europa win but if offered right now either win Europa or Wenger leaves and we finish trophyless then for me the second one wins every time as Wenger leaving would give me much more joy than winning the Europa.


Speechless. That’s a Spurs mentality.


No. He should want to win the EL because he as no European trophy at all. CL is just a bonus by winning it.


I want both cups but the season as a whole should be enough for everyone know he doesnt deserve anymore time here.
Hes at Moyes level of ineptitude at united league wise now.


I’m surprised some people will think he will walk away if we finish 6th and win nothing, can’t see it happening and I think it’s unlikely the owner/ board sack him.


That whole gentleman’s agreement thing does make a little sense. After going on record last season about how his own contract situation was messing up the atmosphere in the locker room and how poisonous the Alexis situation got, it really would be for the best if he walked away.

EDIT: Also, the sooner he walks away I think the sooner the fan base can start to heal. It sounds ridiculous because ultimately it’s just football, but I think heal is the right verb to describe what has to happen.


Nobody thinks he will walk away but maybe we have a setup in place to be able to let him go without people saying we aren’t ready and be careful what you wish for.

5th and 6th place, 18 and 30 points (I’m guessing) away from 1st place, it’s at the point now that his failure to get us into the top 4 is costing us a lot of money. Even finishing 6th and not 5th costs us like 2m.

So I don’t think it’s completely out of the question that he’s replaced in the summer if we go on as we are. We now have tangible evidence of failure that isn’t a one off and economic reasons that replacing him might be money well spent.


I’ve said all season I think he’s gone if he fails to qualify for the Champions League and I still believe that to be the case.

Not sure I buy the theory that it was agreed when he signed the two year deal that he’d only do one year but I think back to back seasons without Champions League football and finishing behind likes of Spurs & Liverpool (I think?) with smaller wage bills will be enough for the board to make the decision.


I think he stay . 3 Facups is great and we are lucky that we have great manager.
Hard today with big bad money City/Chels .






What about Leicester, spurs and Liverpool.?
We have big money as well, but Wenger thinks that hanging on to under performing players for far too long was better than buying top quality ones.

It’s just a good job the club got in someone else who could identify and get decent players, and didn’t take several seasons to do it.

I have never seen Wenger in an interview admit we are going to struggle to get a top four place.
To make it worse, he is doing it with more than ten games to go.

Usually at this time of the season he still goes on about challenging for the title.

His expectations have gone down further than I’ve ever seen, and there are still some people who still think he is the right man for the job.
That is astonishing.


Yes lm loyal. Those win nothing except Foxes got lucky .We have big money but not big big bad money .
We are winners , 3 cups amazing .
Keep faith brother .


Liked for positivity