Arsène Wenger


No, no and no!!!

Wenger’s power has already been taken away from Sven and Ivan. No chance that the old man would have signed Mhki and Aubameyang in january.


Seriously I don’t know what the hell is wrong with this guy. For me it’s acceptable that you win 3 away games at this point in the seasons. He needs to be tough with these players fucking folding like paper weak individuals who can’t take responsibility on the damn pitch.


Thatcher boy :wink:


No way would I sacrifice 2 trophies to see Wenger go, especially the EL, how likely is it we win a European trophy with the next guy? It might be a shit version of CL, but it’d still be quite beautiful to win


So you would take a few seconds of happiness over endless happiness?


Agreed, If winning the EL means Wenger staying on I’m more than OK with that. We can’t get any worse than we already are


Did anyone see Wenger’s quotes on the EL? He’s not a fan of qualifying that way it’s not “right” Doesn’t sound like he is willing to put all his eggs in that basket.


Do you think the players know this deep down too, maybe they are purposefully performing as pathetically as this on purpose to force a change i find it very telling that away from home they are shit but at home far better. This stinks of ‘better not piss off a whole stadium of fans, but away there are only a few of them that is easier and we can say the same stuff, shit went wrong we try better next time’


Would happily keep Wenger for another season if he wins Europa League and League Cup. Trophies, especially european trophies are nothing to scoff at.

Would be good to experience that no matter who is the manager.




He seems to have changed his mind now, tbh.



Nobody can guarantee the next manager will bring endless happiness but it’s guaranteed winning a European trophy would be a brilliant feeling so yeah, it’s a no brainer


Just ignore me! I have never liked you, silly boy.


One game does not make up for yet another season of embarrassing performances.


Go here, c’mon! It’s clear you don’t support us.


A european trophy does.

Chelsea forgave Di Matteo for shit results in the league cos he won a european trophy no?


Luca you’re being fucking boring. Give it a rest


Why you lyin’ tho :wink:


I can’t stand someone who want to see us in ruin just because he hates Wenger.