Arsène Wenger


Probably still be manager in year 2186


For years we don’t have this firepower…
I take this as a gift for him to finish off his managing time at Arsenal.
Dude, no more excuses, time to go.


Yeah today was about not losing. First half job done, second half we lost discipline and ignored crossers.


Damn it Wenger… What was the plan here? I watched the whole game and couldn’t figure out our tactics.

Does he just send out players and tell them to play? Couldn’t match their intensity, didn’t exploit their high line despite having the fastest forward in the prem…

I just wish he would leave. The man has gone stale… not a knock on him as it happens to the best of us, but does he not see he isn’t even half the tactician he was 15 years ago?


Arsene set us up to counter and we had a ton of chances to break and Özil and Miki played poor balls. Plus all that joy Bellerin got down the wing wasted. Just because it didn’t come off doesn’t mean we didn’t have a plan.

Stealing ur post Calum but this looks like we had a plan, to me anyways.


Well, yea…we’ve pretty much heard this said the last 20+ years.




More highlighted? This current Arsenal has the same weaknesses as Arsenal had in 09/10 when Wenger first changed to a three man midfield. Arsenal is making the same mistakes for nine(!) consecutive seasons now. This is not (just) personnel, this is a manager who doesn’t know how to coach this attacking, possession based-style. Arsene has tried to do something different from what has made him succesful in 1996 - 2009 and he has clearly failed at it.



After 27 games we are 27 points off of top…


Never gonna compete for the title, tbh.


Really hope he calls it quits this summer. The midfield needs a revamp and so does defense. I want to see what Mkhitaryan and PEA look like with a functional and well coached midfield.

Does anyone think he’ll leave if we finish 6th?


we desperately need a new manager, hopefully that is next on the agenda of the boardroom, they have started the change quite well but the biggest part of this is needing to be done, just rip the bandaid off already and get it done.


Aiming for 63 points right now. Without having checked every year we may not be far off Arsene’s worst season as far as points earned goes if we don’t start a winning run soon.

e:/ basic math


The theory I proposed is my only scrap of hope… that basically there is a “gentleman’s” agreement - get in top 4, stay, don’t, leave with the message of best interests of the club - not wanting to be a lame duck manager and all that… can say “I always honored my contract but when you know you are leaving, it is wise to give the club the time to sort out a transition without the distraction of my final year…”

Of course I don’t really believe that… I just hope we don’t nick 4th next year and then he re-ups…

Today for the first time in a long time I was truly pumped and excited for the game and then…


If we finish 6th and trophyless Wenger’s gone

I wouldn’t mind that tbh. This club needs reborn


Trophies >>>>>>>>

Think Wenger is leaving if he can finally win an european cup. That would be really the maximum he could do for us.


An EL win will more likely continue delude Wenger into thinking he’s still the right man


If Wenger wins the EL he’s not going anywhere Luca.

Wenger Leaving > trophies


He needs to either go this summer, or announce that he is going at the end of next season. We can’t have another season of “will he, won’t he sign?”

Though, personally, I think he’ll be gone this summer – whether we win a trophy or not.