Arsène Wenger


You don’t say!


And Wenger said "the uncertainty over Sanchez and Mesut Ozil’s futures with the club cast a cloud over the first club of the season, leading the manager to rethink his transfer strategy in the summer."

It’s hard to take seriously, any article that suggests Wenger has a transfer strategy.
Unless you count panic buying as any sort of strategy.

We have just had a window where we actually did some good business getting rid of under performing players and buying decent players, and I doubt if Wenger was responsible for a lot of that business.


I think this result pretty much proves that Pochettino is a superior manager and that we are not a top four side.
Our away form is mid table standard, if that, and we are simply no good against well organised teams.

They are going to finish above us again, and until we get a top quality manager, that will keep happening.
Unless Pochettino leaves them.


Cups>>>>>>top 4, tbh. No one will fucking remember this win when Tottenham finish trophyless.


Can’t see Sarri leaving Napoli right now. Word is that he’s about to sign a new deal and good luck trying to negotiate with ADL to buy him out of any contract. That guy is crazier than a bag of cats.


What does he do all week in training?



The way in which we played has scared me.

So uninspiring; was Iwobi in the middle when he came on?

New Manager will need 3 years to clear the crap.


I reckon he does the same shit over and over and over again. It looks like everytime there is a video of training or photos it is the same shit, people kicking balls for the gk to save 5 vs 5 and that thing where one player is in the middle of a circle trying to catch a ball off people passing round him. I bet the players are board as fuck of everything wenger.


The great thing about having Wenger as manager, is that nearly every time we play away from home, he wins me money.


There is a quote by Will Durant that goes, “We are what we repeatedly do”.

Safe to say Wenger’s repeated mistakes are what defines him now.


Don’t tell him until the end of the season.
I need the money :grinning:


Meh, not really Wenger imo. I don’t blame him for not being a park the bus Mourinho type. It’s clear to me that he has a style of football he wants to play but we don’t have the personnel to pull it off. The team has gotten weaker and weaker every year and the problem is highlighted more especially the last couple summers because we’ve spent big money on medicore players. So in that aspect it’s definitely Wengers fault for mismanaging the squad.


Are we guaranteed a trophy or something? Right now they are in the same amount of cups we are.


I really believe that a different manager would have figured out a way to at least get a draw away to Spurs. Hopefully he bows out in the summer. I think it’s looking increasingly likely we’ll finish in the Europa League spots again and I don’t really see the team putting together a run in Europe to win the tournament with only Lacazette and Welbeck as our strikers.


We have a better chance than them at winning a cup, tbh.


Pretty likely we both end up with fuck all.


Probably, still a better chance than them though :wink:


Finishing a distant 6th place closer to the team in 7th than the team in 4th



I’m Jogi Low fan, but no, Arsenal doesn’t need him.
Guys do scratch balls and sniff it, he is just not a club manager.

Disappoint of the result today, but still, I will support Wenger to manage till the end of season.
First, he deserve this chance.
Second, let him expose our weakness to the most, and our next manager can fix it.


Why does he?