Arsène Wenger


I was asking specifically in comparison to Tuchel, who doesn’t compare much more favourably in that respect really.

An interesting point you raise nevertheless. Personally think that if he comes in and has good ideas and the right demeanour about him, it wouldn’t be a huge issue, but that’s a gut reaction and speculation. You may be right.


I’d be more concerned if Chelsea were looking at Tuchel.


More concerned than what?


I think with Tuchel his offensive tactical mind will win over those players I mentioned. He’s worked with Auba and Miki before, and both enjoyed productive season(s) under him.

His approach to the game would automatically win over the likes of Ozil and I think that offsets his lack of experience slightly.


Chelsea hiring a good coach like Enrique, I think Tuchel is better than good.


Why do you rate Tuchel? From my impression (what I hear others say essentially) he hasn’t done much of note.

Not to bombard you with questions, just find your take interesting


No love for my main man Jogi Love the ass crack / ball sniffer?

Think he’d be a good fit for us and the mere fact we have his favourite player signed to a long term deal should be a bit of an incentive. Is he out of contract after this World Cup?


Just think he done a very good job at Dortmund all things considered.

Coached an interesting offensive pressing style of football and managed to maintain good results whilst losing three elite players in the same summer and using a lot of young players (went on to win a group containing R.Madrid and reached the QF). I appreciate his willingness to use and develop young players a lot btw because I feel like there’s a lot of good coaches that are not so willing, Conte for example.

The criticism I’ve read on here a few times is that his defence was bad but I that’s overstated, had at least a decent defence and coached a very good press.

A fair criticism would be he doesn’t seem to be able to keep good relations behind the scenes, I think he’s had major fall outs with both his clubs now.

He should get credit for doing stuff like this


Was he manager when Dortmund had that awful season in which they spent most of it pissing around in the lower reaches of Bundesliga? Admittedly before ending up in a much more respectable finishing position. Would it be fair to say that this was Dortmunds low point in recent memory, and would you hold thay against him at all, or isn’t it significant?


He’s under contract until 2020 I think.

You can join me in the Jogi Low fan club, we’ll have to defend him against the backlash when he becomes the manager.


That was Klopp’s final season.

Knew he had a good home record but didn’t realise until now Tuchel left Dortmund unbeaten at home in the league over the two seasons.


We have Wenger and he’s contracted for 18/19.


Haha, doh


The problem is that he hasn’t managed a club in the last years. National team and club are very different.


Not exactly a illustrious list of clubs either, added to the last club gig being in 2004. Really don’t think I’d want us to be his first full time job in 14 years


Falcao, Berbatov (who was in decline fair enough), Moutinho. It isn’t like he doesn’t have any experience with coaching players with big experience. Plus being able to communicate with Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan (if he still speaks French) would make the job easier.

Going the route with younger players is the route we should go anyway. I’m not sure Arsenal is going to be able to ensemble a squad worthy of winning the title to give to an Allegri or Enrique.


He won the Austrian Bundesliga though. A feat no English manager has done so far.


Yes, it woulòd be asking for trouble. Ancelotti or Tuchel for me.



Fucking love it if it happened.