Arsène Wenger


Well in fairness he built some good teams since the invincible. Just like how teams learnt how to park the bus and kick the daylights out of us. Remember 2007/8? They went as far as breaking legs. I think they know how to beat City now by doing the same.

Question would be who to bring in once he’s gone? A manager who is willing to spend within our means. Our board are tight bastards. Just look at the January transfers breakeven pretty much.


Arsenal were sitting top of the league and sitting proud one New Year heading into the January transfer market. Everyone was crying out for him to get a back up striker or indeed a first team striker and what did Wenger do …
sign a midfielder with a busted back !
What the ffffff was that about ?
As regarding his replacement, you could ask who couldn’t do any worse ?
This club should be achieving much much more than we are currently doing.


Wasn’t that Kim Kardashian’s the Swedish International? Did he actually play a game for us?
Shocking transfer business which ever way you look at it .


Chelsea will probably get rid of their manager after 22 months where we can’t even get rid of ours after 22 years… :upside_down_face:


They shouldn’t though. What if Conte can turn into fergie and win the title every other year and you are only gonna give him two seasons, laughable really.


I would totally sack Conte if I was the Chairman.
He is such a whinny bitch.


Whiny because he knew his squad wasn’t good enough and wasn’t backed with the players he actually wanted to sign. So I think he’s well Iwobi his rights to whine.

I mean, Barkley, Drinkwater, Rudiger, Giroud, Emerson… that’s a really shit transfer window(s) for a club like Chelsea.


I Iwobi don’t know about that.

They have only lost Costa off the title winning side and have added Morata & Bakayoko on top of players you listed.

He is also being paid top dollars so I wouldn’t tolerate the whinning solely on that note. I hire experts to work with what you have got & get the best out of it; not lay down a comfortable life for them.


I think it’s fair to say Conte massively overachieved obtaining 93 points with the squad he had at his disposal last season.


Not at all.
He was only involved in 2 competition the whole season.

Anything less is sackable offence.


They played 47 games to our 55. It’s hardly that big a difference in reality.


Did Chelsea not part take in the League cup or something last season ?
Our 1st team has only been involved in 1 competition pretty much this season ( reserves had played Europa League ) yet we have 45 points from 26 games :rofl:


3 games

Answer me this - Did any of my previous post say that Arsenal are better than Chelsea?
Do answer that.


So you deem this seasons performance from Wenger a sackable offence ? Luxury of resting in Europe, yet still languishing in 6th?


No because he never whined like a bitch


Unlike you. :grinning:


Unlike Antonio ‘give me lukaku’ Conte


It does when you are travelling to France, Switzerland, Bulgaria & Germany while Chelsea is sat home being better prepared for weekend PL game.


Nah. It doesn’t. It’s a completely overblown thing in reality.


It does.
It’s simple minded to think that Ozil for example can give you 100% in all 3 games he played on Sunday-Wednesday-Sunday; while Hazard is playing with 6 day gap.

It takes a toll.

Also you are playing PSG while Chelsea is playing Watford & likes.

I don’t know how you can’t get that.