Arsène Wenger


Liverpool almost won PL because they had just one game to play in that Gerrard slip season, didn’t they?

Liverpool manage to get into Top 4 ahead of Arsenal because they didn’t have European committment.

Advantage of less competition is not overblown and takes a really simple minded person to dismiss it.


Regardless of what you think of Costa, his handling of texting him as unwanted was poor. The lack of real fire power up top is why their in a mess.


Can we sack Wenger and appoint Conte.

If Gazidas has proper changed he’d grow balls and sack him


We can’t


I know :disappointed:




By watching Chelsea this season Conte should be the last manager on our minds


Gazidis is the biggest fraud at the club. He has to go before Wenger if anything has to change here.


Nah Gazidis over Wenger any day.

He’s the one appointing all these new guys and taking away some of the mighty ones power


It’s an illusion. Gazidis has been here for 9 years and hasn’t demonstrated anything to suggest he can be the catalyst of change needed to have us compete at the highest level again. Neither has he done anything noticible in the past to give confidence in his ability to get things done.

Since he has come here, all he has done is make false promises, negotiate shitty deals and have a reactionary transfer strategy and all this while sitting on his arse letting Wenger take the blame for things he’s not responsible for, while he himself collects a fat 3million cheque each year.


Its not Gazidis implementing non existent defensive tactics at fucking Stoke,Swansea and fucking Bournemouth.


Apart from Wenger, of course :grinning:


It is not either or between Wenger, Gazidis & Kroenke.
They are all a team and any shortfall is collectively their failure.

And I am sure they are aware of it, you know being professionals & all. It is only Arsenal fans who would allocate even flaws in Janitor work on Wenger.


When a club like Chelsea have a worse window than us, you know things aren’t right.
We lost our best player and still had a better window.
Their biggest signing was our third choice striker, no wonder Conte is complaining.


Not really. They didn’t have European commitment in 12/13 and 14/15. Yet finished behind us. European commitment has nothing to do with it. With 75 points we performed like we always do, Liverpool was just better last season.


they were in Europa for 12/13
and 14/15 they were in CL.


You’re right. Ah well. If you want to believe that’s the difference, go ahead.


Mourinho won the League with pretty much the same squad in 14/15. They have had a proper squad the last three seasons. After three succesful years this squad probably has reached the end of their cycle, which is normal.


The conversation began with

  • Me claiming Conte is whinning & should get on with his job
  • SCRJJ came in stating Conte needed players

from here, it seems Conte defenders want it both ways.
Argument 1- The players Morata & co should be enough to add in a team which won PL last term.
Conte defenders - the squad is not good enough.

Argument 2 - In that case Conte won the title with a ‘not so good enough squad’ because they played once a week.
Conte defenders - that doesn’t matter

If that doesn’t matter, so his squad can’t be ‘not good enough’ given they won the title last season -> so if his squad is good enough, he shouldn’t whine.


I think it could make a difference, and if it does it’s not about the addition in work load but the rest days taken away. If adding 25 days of work during a season halves your 50 resting days it is huge.

Let’s say a normal person works 260d/yr, and goes up to 300d/yr instead, a similar increase, which means you have to work Saturdays all year, which kind of sucks if you’re used to having the whole weekend off.

Not that I know how much these overpaid lads slack in a week anyway lol but I think the reason so many foreign managers come here and complain in interviews about the schedule and work load and winter breaks and days between games and whatnot, is rather the lack of rest days. Especially if they have to rotate, play their potato players for a few games and don’t get the three points. And it is quite common for teams to perform better when in fewer cups.