Arsène Wenger


You have to have a great defence to win in Europe, but scoring more goals than your opponents is more important in the league.


The last time we actually competed for the League we only lost three games and only 31 goals (the least in Emirates Era), whilst the latter is nice on paper more often than not it will not work.


What i meant is that the defence is “less important” in the league than in Europe.


When we finished second we only conceded 36 not bad either, so yeah seems like for us we need to concede little to stay in the title race. Teams park thr bus against us a lot.


anyone see what Gary Neville said on the Debate?

His theory that Arsenal only gave Wenger a 2 year contract so nobody will be expecting him to leave one year early, so the whole ‘last season of contract’ nonsense is avoided.

I see it.

I definitely think he is gone this summer now.

Don’t think he was going from the start. He was given a chance to show change and improvement but it has been the same old thing so I do think this is now the plan.





(imo) There’s no way he got a two year contract with that in built from the start. I think him leaving is fully dependant on league and Europa finishes.


Yes, I speculated it earlier… I actually think it makes a ton of sense, but I have a hard time seeing it not be at least semi-forced… I just can’t see AW walking away unfortunately.


as big Gaz said, he will deffo announce his departure on his own terms.

Maybe if he wins Europa, just after that. Or something like a Fergie style surprise resigning which nobody expected.

That would still give him significant empowerment, and be him going out on his own terms.


he has to fucking go


If winning nothing means he’s gone I’ll take that all day every day.

Short term loss for long term gain

@Electrifying I think that aswell he’s gone in summer that two year deal was to stop the whole is he staying/going that took over our season in 16/17



You’re heartless if you want to see Wenger retire without a European trophy. Winning Europa is needed


Lmao yeah I saw that. Think it’s a combination of a couple things. There’s a ton of optimism around the club currently with all the new signings, so a protest at this point seemed kind of pointless. I also think that the fans are a little downtrodden at the moment as well. I think it’s clear to everyone the board are going to do what they please and they couldn’t give.a fuck about the will of the fans. Fortunately for all involved looks like Gazidis has woken up.


I have thought from the start of the season that Wenger would leave at the end of it.
The fact he was willing to let Sanchez and Ozil go into a season without signing new contracts, was very unlike a man who is trying to build a team.
He also has the oldest first team since he started here and some of his interviews he looks resigned to fighting for a top four place, than his usual insistence we are challenging for the PL title.

If we don’t get CL football and win nothing, I expect him to leave.


Perfect moment for a new manager to take over in summer with Mkhi auba ozil and Lacazette as his star players.


Whats the point to protest at this moment?
We got our players, we got our scout, and just got a convincing win. Even a WOB like me, don’t mind to see Wenger staying till the end of this season and then reevaluate.


Exactly this . I’d love to see Wenger win the Europa League . I don’t get this bullshit it’s another a Micky Mouse trophy , same as the League Cup .
Play to win .
A player , a club is made in trophies won , Wenger should prioritise this opportunity to win in Europe.


Gotta go in the summer no matter the results

Shambolic defending, terrible away form, losing to relegation threatened teams and championship side embarrassingly signed his fate finally


Since the invincible season Wenger has taken this club into a slow decline. Instead of Wenger strengthening that squad he went on to weaken a legacy he ‘created’
The last game of the invincible season was against Leicester. Since that game , we haven’t won the league, we moved into a bigger stadium to complete with the elite , we’ve become a selling club .
Leicester have won the league. We haven’t.
Wenger celebrated his 1000 league game in charge with a 6 nil away defeat to Chelsea .
Some manager … Isn’t he ?