Arsène Wenger


I just had to try explain what I was laughing at to the other half who has no idea who Jogi Loew is and barely has any consciousness about football at all. Fucking impossible without coming across as a weirdo. :slight_smile:


Franz Beckenbaur had success taking this route. Would not rule him out just because hes coming from a national team. Lot of these things are dealt between other people at the clubs and agents anyway.


I don’t often agree with Carragher, but that’s spot on, especially about the power shifting behind the scenes.



I agree.
Cech, Mertesacker, Cazorla, Chambers, Welbeck and possibly Iwobi, either need upgrading or are leaving anyway.

I would probably keep hold of Xhaka and see if he performs for a new manager.
I know he has been poor this season but it wouldn’t be the first time a player that Wenger buys, that has been very good for another club, doesn’t perform to that standard here.

I would also keep Mustafa, for the same reason, unless he wants to leave.
It’s hard to work out if our defensive players are not very good, or if they are good but play in a poor system.
So maybe a new manager might get the best out of them.

If this window has seen a shake up, then the next one could, and should, be even better.



Has it changed?

Edit: yep.




Outscoring the opponent it is. 6-5, 5-4, 4-3, 7-6.

As Cruijff used to say: “If you score one more goal than your opponent, you win.”


If you don’t have a great defense, then outscore your opponents by your great offense.
Makes sense.


This is what is so frustrating with Wenger.
We have one of the worst defensive records away from home in the PL, and he says, “our defensive numbers are not good enough, that’s where we wanted to improve,” yet he didn’t, even though he had the whole transfer window to do something, but left it until the end of it, to make some late bids.

He says, “that we have to find an internal solution to our defensive problems,” well what about finding someone within the club to do some defensive coaching, rather than blaming it on a lack of defensive players.


Attack is the best form of defence. I’d much rather have Auba and win every game 5-4 than a centre back and win 1-0


That’s a load of bollocks, you need the right balance between both, when was the last time a team won the league conceding more than 45 league goals ?


Well I done some research and United won it with 43 goals conceded in the RVP season they won the title, they just needed that one world class goalscorer. Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil, Mkhitaryan is a fear factor front 4


The year lolpool almost pulled it off they allowed 50 goals and were only 2 points behind and basically just lost because that Gerard slip. Although supporting a team that leaks goals like that would be a heart attack every match as a spectator lol.


Allowing less than 45 goals isn’t an accomplishment, @Aussiegooner just gave that number as a shit way to support his point.


City also conceded a lot that season, right?


It rarely works because there’s always some games you can’t score in or score and concede more.


The best teams have been with great defences, including the teams that were well known for their attacking play, like Barcelona and Man U.
Every successful Arsenal team has been built with a well organised defence, including the PL title wins with Wenger.

Not many title winning clubs in Europe have won with poor defences, even if they were known for being an attacking side.