Arsène Wenger





Calum mate, I wish I knew

I am losing the will to live here


This is probably Wenger’s biggest and most expensive mistake.
For someone who prides himself for being a genius in the transfer market, haggling over a few million on every transfer, and waiting until the end of every window to get deals done because he thinks he is saving money, has cost him around 100m.

Wenger’s tight fisted approach, lack of any transfer strategy, as well as his dithering, and lack of pro activeness, has meant he has thrown away 100m because he thought that Ozil and Sanchez would either sign new contracts, or they would perform well this season.

He is either incredibly naive or an idiot.
My money is on both.


Every decision he makes is what is best for the club, remember :hipster:


Literally the worst permutation.

His one job now is to tie Ozil down and 2nd minor task is to maybe not shit it up enough to win the Europa.

But someone really needs to fuck him off, deffo looks like He won’t be going by his own volition. Just have to beg Stan, hope he notices the dwindling revenues.


Just because Graham worked 30 years ago it doesn’t mean a pragmatic man will work now, football has changed and the emphasis on attack is more important, I’d say Simeone is the only world class pragmatic manager around but football is an entertainment too aside from winning, he won’t offer entertainment, despite his age someone like Carlo for a couple of years would


Simeone is an adaptive manager, all of his success at Atletico is a testament to that.

If he came to Arsenal he wouldn’t play the same way he does at Atletico, the notion that he only has one approach is incorrect.


Why do you guys believe Wenger will leave at the end of season?
Did I miss a memo?


Someone told us he would stay even if we got relegated because “he is the right man for the job and love Arsenal”. @Maverick79 was right.


I think there are only two people who think he is doing a good job, and that’s Kroenke and Wenger himself.
After this season it will only take one of them to realise he isn’t the right person for the job, and he will leave.

I’m convinced he will leave because of him keeping Ozil and Sanchez rather than selling them and investing in new players.
For him to run down the contracts of his two best players, without getting any transfer money is very unlike him.

As I said before, this is the oldest squad he has ever had and there are very few decent youngsters coming through, which is also unusual for Wenger, so I think he will go and leave us in a complete mess, that he made but is incapable of sorting out.


That only suggest he may not stay beyond 2 season he is signed for.


I assume this has to do with the Ancelotti rumours. But in my mind Wenger was going to stay here until 2019 no matter what.


Depends, if people think this season is bad next season could be something else entirely especially if Özil is gone too.

I could see him leaving if the toxicity surrounding the club reached unprecedented levels, the players would also have a part to play in that though.


It would be the first time he hasn’t honoured a contract.


I’ll refer you to this quote from yesterday:

So, will he definitely be in charge next season? Wenger added: “My contract clarifies that. Did I ever walk away? Never. Why should I change?”


Hey I didn’t say it was likely, but if the players aren’t playing for him and the atmosphere is a new level of toxic I can see it happening.

It won’t though because these players are either too cowardly or loyal.


Exactly this.

Arsene won’t break his commitment and Arsenal won’t disrespect him by sacking him.
If Arsenal board wants him to leave, they will just wait out his contract.


Early signs are it isn’t reaching that. We won’t lose 10-2 in the EL and all the vigour around a Wenger exit appears to have died down.

I think it would have taken that momentum lasting even after he signed that deal until now and him having 18 months of hatred might have made him reconsider.

As it stands it looks like we had a blip, fans got mad, then they were fine and if it happens again it’s another blip. I doubt he really acknowledges that he’s basically lost the fans.


So stupid for your last contract… never good being a lame duck


He can perfectly honour a contract that had a twelve month break clause in it. That honouring a contract thing is just words.