Arsène Wenger


That’s true, there have been instances where the level of toxic atmosphere has been nearly enough to push him but then as is the Arsenal way we eventually go on a run of games normally against lesser opposition and the anger abates.

He then proclaims we’ve turned a corner showing “strong mentality” and the cycle repeats itself time after time.

I’m just tired of this cycle of endless shit.


Did you expect anything different?


Nevertheless it would still be the first time he hasn’t seen out the full length of a contract.


Only if you discount the time he was sacked…which is incidentally the reason about 90% of managers don’t see out their contracts.

I’ve always thought it was an overblown sentiment about Wenger anyway. He’s always been in the job he wanted to be in anyway.


Well 10% do switch clubs and I am sure Wenger had plenty of offers to move away from Arsenal as well.

It is not overblown sentiment. It’s loyalty towards Arsenal and a general principle he has which is quite admirable.

I can name managers who have walked out for less.


Like I say, he had the job he wanted. No reason for him to leave. If those other jobs had been more enticing he would have gone and not stayed out of blind loyalty.


I don’t know what is more enticing in footballing world than getting to manage Real & Bayern.


Obviously, to Arsene Wenger, what he had at Arsenal was more enticing.


Yes chump change and ungrateful & disrespectful fans. Sure




Of course. Imagine being called Arsene and not managing Arsenal.


I see you agree with the fans part. :slight_smile:


The what? I stopped reading.


yeah right
some mod you are


I’m no Mysty, that’s for sure.


Where the heck is he?


If I had a pound for everytime someone asked this question…


You would have 17pounds?


Why would Wenger leave a job at Arsenal where he is so well paid with no pressure to win at all ? Yeah he could have taken a job like Real Madrid but ultimately would have been given the arse within a 3 year period.


Hey, that would get me almost 2 drinks in London. That’s a lot of money!