Arsène Wenger


Yes I understand why you would. So now you know that if you are to say Östersunds you will have to apply the FK too. Otherwise just Östersund.


Don’t think he had a choice…
The team wanted Bale and needed money


Give Sean Dyche a call


I remember when people wanted to replace Wenger with Owen Coyle…oh how we laugh at it now.


I remember it because Ancelotti was just arrived.


Haha yeah. Someone put this on Twitter the other day. It’s an extract from an opinion piece from about 6 years ago


I’m not either but Jardim seems to tick a lot of boxes. Big clubs aren’t creative with their coaching appointments anyway.


The real reality is I seriously think the board would obviously prefer someone who plays overtly attacking football reminiscent of the best football under Wenger.

I think the match going fans need an attacking minded manager too. If you’ve been to the emirates in the last couple of years it’s easy to see how a ‘pragmatic’ conservative style won’t create the spark needed amongst the fans to really get up and boost the atmosphere.

People say they don’t care about the style as long as we win but that’s utter BS imo, fans want excitement, Arsenal fans crave it badly definitely at the expense of defensive stability.

I what I really want to is for the club to go back to our pre Wenger roots and embrace tactically pragmatic football. With the emphasis on structure and stability. I think that’s what the club desperately needs after Wenger.


Meh. Winning is the ultimate excitement really. I can forgive a lot if we’re winning personally.

But yes! This.


Winning and the League position going with that creates excitement.


So, will he definitely be in charge next season? Wenger added: “My contract clarifies that. Did I ever walk away? Never. Why should I change?”

“Every single decision I make is what is right for the club” :rofl:

“It looks like Sanchez will not extend his contract. But we want to keep Jack and if we have an opportunity maybe to keep Ozil, the rebuild will be less deep than if all the three left.
"There is still an opportunity for him (Ozil) to stay. Very much so. These guys want to win, and they want to make money as well. Incidentally he’s won trophies with us. So he wants to fight as well for the Premier League.”


When you are getting paid that much, why would you walk away???


Well, mainly because he claims that every decision he makes is what is best for the club… well if that’s true, then he should fuck off!


its sheer arrogance to say that when its talking about contracts and saying ‘i will decide’ as if to say ‘well it is up to me if i decide to stay i decide my own future’ what if the board and club in general dont want you, you shouldnt get to decide these things and it shouldnt be in your mind that you decide this either.


In some way, yes, he is right.
Best for the club… that means best for the owner.
As long as the club is making good profit, then it is good.

Best for the club, does not mean best for the fans, does not mean filling up the trophy cabinet.
Whoever owns the club has the right to decide that.

So, Kroenke should also get the fuck out of the club.


Your post is the perfect example of why most of the hate to Kroenke is generally misguided. I mean your talking pure nonsense.

I don’t even know why his name enters the discussion surrounding Wenger 90% of the time.


Yeah I mean not being in the CL is hurting Kroenke’s profits, I doubt he is happy with the situation.

Or will be when 2nd year in a row out the cl hits.

Also losing prize assets for peanuts. This is not the situation any profit hungry shareholder would be interested in. Maybe if we did continue to sell players you could use that excuse, but Wenger’s mismanagement of the club has now become financial mismanagement too, which nobody wants.

I wonder what Kroenke would do. It does unfortunately look like he will be here next season too, but I’ll want Kroenke out too if Wenger is offered a new contract.


Which part is nonsense?

An employee “loyal” to the employer, what is nonsense?

Will you say no to your boss (not illegal) if you want to keep your job?

I think yours is pure nonsense, not mine.


Of course, he will never walk away. It’s all up to the club now.


“Every single decision I make what is right for the club,” Wenger said
Arrogance and stupidity wrapped up in one package.