Arsène Wenger


Buying only a goalkeeper during a summer transfer window then going on to miss out on the league is beyond torture lol.


Wenger hinting at taking the Europa League seriously:

on whether a top-four finish is still best way back into the Champions League…
I don’t know, there are two possible routes and we want to explore both of them with 100 per cent commitment. Does it work one way or the other? We want to be in there.


I think Wenger will look at the teams we draw and make the decision (how many first-teamers to play) based on the quality of the opponent. Against Osterland FC (sp?) we’ll probably see a similar line-up as we’ve been seeing in the group stages.


Fuck Champions League. I assume he doesn’t want to retire as the only big name manager never to win an European title.




Should always play the best team available, otherwise we run the risk of finishing like against Nottingham.


We won’t actually have any excuse to not play our best team. If we don’t get to the league cup final (and assuming Man City do) the two Europa League ties v Ostersunds will be the only games we have between 10 February (when we play Spurs) and 3 March!


Could never get behind Simeone and his style of football, for me Wenger’s replacement must be an attacking manager


Should be a good mix, then Carlo is the perfect replacement.


Ancelotti would be ideal although he isn’t as intense attacking football as Pep but we can’t complain as there’s no perfect manager


This is such rubbish.


He can play attacking football though. He is not Josè.


Thing with Ancelotti definitely is we need quality players for him to work with.

A big summer, and some of our main assets staying.

Ozil signing on would be a huge huge boost.

But it is as @Darkseid says, we need big players to get the most out of how Ancelotti manages. I hope he can attract some.


That’s why Jardim is the one and only true choice. He has proven to be able to give young players a chance and develop them. Although Monaco has had a lot of Arsenal-esque moments in defence the last 1,5 years he has shown in the past to be pragmatic too.


I’m giving you all a Swedish lesson here :hipster: Saying “Östersunds” is like saying “Manchester’s”. Forget the “s” unless you want to point out that it’s “Östersunds FK” your talking about (not Östersunds United or whatever). Östersund or Östersunds FK.


We don’t say Arsenal FC, but Arsenal. That is why ‘we’ say Ostersunds and not Ostersund or Ostersunds FK. Fuck do we care the ‘s’ doesn’t belong with the place name.


I won’t pretend to be hugely knowledgeable on events abroad, but he strikes me as a very good option.


Then fucking continue saying it wrong then. Your actually contradicting yourself here as well. There is no place called Östersunds. We don’t say Arsenal’s right?


The football club is called Ostersunds FK, isn’t it? I assume FK means something in the sense of football club? An abbreviation we also not mention referring to other clubs hence why we say Ostersunds…


Didn’t Ancelotti decide to sell Ozil?