Arsène Wenger


Ancelotti is an extremely “safe” and underwhelming choice, the kind that is not going to move this club forward given the competition of Guardiola, Conte, Klopp, and Poch. It is not as bad, because it’s hard to be as bad, but it’s in a similar vein to the Moyes route at Utd.


Van Gaal appointment more like


Only key difference that Moyes never coached a top team before Utd. Ancelotti has. And quite a few too!


Steadying the ship is what we need, and I think Ancelotti is experienced enough to do that. He won’t be building a legacy; but he could make us a bit more consistent hopefully and get us playing as a team with actual tactics.

I’d welcome him personally. There’s not many managers out there with a decent CV that are readily available. I’m sure he holds some weight in the game and would be far less risky than a younger, less experienced manager, that could leave us more in the shit than we already are. We need stability and results and Carlo could bring that.


Simeone for me . He looks like he is a no nonsense manager . We’ve got the nicely nicely approach and it isn’t clearly working
I’d break the bank for this manager . He looks aggressive in his touch line coaching and we need that aggression on the pitch . With all the money and the social networking that these players do it’s time we got a manager in who will tear them to shreds and make them desire the badge on the famous red and white shirt .
Simeone is the one for me !


he’s not coming, you’re kidding yourself


After missing out Pep and Klopp, I think we can’t miss out another experienced “big name” anymore.
Unless we go to a different route and start everything from ground zero. Youth player, young coach etc.

You are right, Carlo is the “safe” choice. We can’t go worse or probably won’t move forward, but he could bring stability to the club.


We are all kidding ourselves by thinking Wenger will leave.


We don’t need stability. We need a tactical, proactive brain and improvement.


I;m sure he’ll go this season.
There are too many indications that he’s going.
He kept Sanchez and Ozil, rather than getting new players in with the money.
He has the oldest group of players he has ever had, which is very unlike him.
As a club we are going nowhere and it is going to take massive investment and rebuilding, something which Wenger is incapable of doing.

He has outstayed his welcome by several seasons, and whoever comes in is going to have the biggest rebuilding job they have ever had.
So it better be someone with some ambition, with a more modern approach and not afraid to spend.

All the things Wenger lacks and has been his undoing.


Sounds like stability to me


We need a manager to take these players out of their comfort zone. Someone who’ll do things differently. Someone who will get the best out of these players, not someone who won’t do anything at all.

But you know, Ancelotti is not Wenger and he might attract some decent players if we can get back into the CL. They’ll just have to coach themselves :sunglasses:


The bloody cheek of him! We’ve been tortured for years!


Why is Simeone not an option? I thought his tenure at Athletico was coming to an end?


He’s an option for us alright

Problem is we’re NOT even a remotest of options for him




I think Simeone will go to Inter next. He wants to go back there someday, his son said the same thing last week. And I’m sure I read once that he wants to manage clubs he played for.


we’re not even on his fucking radar


I do think ancelotti has regressed and hate to see his reputation tarnished with the average squad that arsenal have now. He had a team of winners at all the big teams he’s been at. That milan team motivated itself most of the time but in the league he was up against corruption so obviously struggled, but there were some games where we just coasted by and drew too many, does that sound familiar to someone’s currently playstyle?


We probably don’t really seem like a team that would suit his conservative style both as far as players and philosophy goes.