Arsène Wenger


Do you have the same problem? :smile:


He has typically gone to clubs that have been ready to challenge from the off not ones in which he has had to overhaul, redefine and rebuild.

And I’m sorry to say but his time and Bayern is telling IMO, he’s a manager that’s on the wane.

Maybe he can prove me wrong but that’s how I see him for now, wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to AC.


Nobody is perfect.
Everybody has his flaw(s).

If we line up all the resume on the table, he is one of the best (if not THE BEST) out there.

Unless we are going to youth, and willing to rebuild as a mid-table team, then we can have anybody to manage and start from zero.


I don’t know much about him but he is favourites with the bookies.
I’ve just had another look and Ancelotti is now favourite from third earlier.
Simeone is third and then Vieira.

Either there’s been some serious money on Ancelotti or they have some inside information on him.


I think Ancelotti is close enough to Wenger to be a fitting replacement for him and not in a bad way. I think he’s calm and “classy” enough for Arsenal and tries to play football enough for Arsenal. He ticks a lot of boxes.

And I can see the board going for someone like him. It makes me laugh when people say shit like “cheap club will get Eddie Howe” to save money. If they have shown ONE thing over the last 10 years it’s that they’re happy to pay top rate for what they think is a good manager. That is clearly a position that they value and I think they’ll attempt to go reasonably big for Wenger’s first replacement.

And I say first replacement deliberately because football is different now. Coaches changing jobs every 2-4 years is normal, and at the end of that 2-4 year cycle we can’t be expecting to hire the finest coach in the world every time and I really doubt we’re going to be scouting the next big thing from abroad.

So I’ve no problem with Ancelotti being the first of our next 5 coaches in the next 10-20 years. Some of those 5 will be hits, some will likely be misses but we’re going to have to make those hires eventually. I think we all know we’re not going to get another Mugabe.


We seem to have offered him a 10-mil a year contract.


This is what Raphael Honigstein said about Ancelotti’s coaching. Safe to say he’s not a fan




I mean, if thats true he’s the last thing this group needs.


After Wenger I’ll take a punt on most managers, and Ancelotti is a multiple Champions League winning manager so would definitely be prepared to take one on him haha.

Every manager in the world will come off second best when compared to Guardiola’s management so there’s no real shame in that. Also after years of stagnation under Wenger I’m pretty sure they will quickly improve under someone like Ancelotti.


People mention his CL wins, however, his league record is rather poor and to be honest there are significant question marks over him.

Sure he’s classy but again he seems too nice and ‘safe’, the state the club will be left in after Wenger’s departure whenever the hell that is will be a clusterfuck, I don’t see someone like Ancelotti that goes to clubs that are essentially ready to contend for major championships right off the bat is really what we need.

The things coming out of Bayern did not make for good reading at all and coming to a place like Arsenal may only add to a sense of relaxation with no real sense of urgency.

Can easily see him coming here and people calling for his head within two seasons if that.


I could post what CR7 said about Carlo. He did really love him.


@Electrifying, #teamcarlo


I mean, like those players I’d rather have Pep too, but unfortunately he isn’t an option.


It’s not just about having Pep though. It also says people in Madrid and France have made similar comments about his coaching and how he “doesn’t do a lot”. It’s pretty damning.

That journalist is usually pretty reliable and he knows his stuff.

I’m not saying that he would fail at Arsenal. Just that it is something to be aware of. And if there is even a little bit of truth in that, if he isn’t someone who will push these players hard then he is not someone we need. Our players seem too comfortable and lacklustre sometimes, they need a kick up the backside.


He’s not Wenger tho.

Anyone could do a better job than him right now I don’t care who I just want him out


Agreed, I mentioned it was a bit unsettling when you combine that with our dunderhead players but I also feel the pros outweigh this apparent con.

He also won things with Real Madrid and PSG so his coaching can’t be that bad. I’d wager he still does a lot more than wenger


True he won some big titles, however, both were clubs ready to compete from the off and lets be honest most managers are going to win stuff at PSG especially when he was there.

Perhaps some don’t realise how much of a totally different animal our club is compared to some of the ones he’s managed in recent years and also what it will take to get us to be able to truly compete with the best again.

I’m not in favour of Ancelotti coming in for a couple years followed by a merry go round of managers over say a 10 year period, how does a club that is in need of major overhaul achieve consistency and sustainability that way?


Yeah… no thanks.

Still 100% behind Simeone even though I realize it is 0% probability.


All fair comments, and there definitely seems to be something in his poor(er?) Ieague record and his training methods.

I do however still believe that he can add a lot to any club, especially ours who is probably in the second tier of top European clubs. His name alone could attract top talent for us, plus no else we could feasible get can match his record. It’s perhaps the ‘safe bet’ when compared to taking on other managers, but I personally think we’ll need someone like him to at least keep us competitive in the post-Wenger years. The years directly after Wenger leaves will be very tough, if we do what Man United did post-Ferguson I can’t see us recovering anywhere near as quickly as it’s took them. Even then the years under Moyes and Van Gaal seem to have set them back considerably compared to their rivals.


I think in this thread there too much focus on Ancelotti being the only one to replace Wenger rather that Arsenal is currently putting together a team of Mislintat, Sanhelli and Ancelotti too carry this club forward. Ancelotti will be responsible for on the pitch performances and player development. His accompliments speaks for itself, but the short-life span of his tenures at PSG, Real and Chelsea really aren’t convincing. The objective is also different. Here he needs to implement his system whilst developing players (if guys like Mavro and Malcom are our future), whilst at those other three clubs there were already established squads and ideas and probably motivating players was a bigger part of his job.

In short; Ancelotti doesn’t really have experience with a job like Arsenal is going to be. But what he has done in his career is not something too put aside either.