Arsène Wenger


I think you’re right.
We would be able to get any upcoming manager.
I would think we are an attractive proposition for even the best managers but I’m sure any potential manager who is already at the top level would want some assurances from the board about investment, that I don’t think they’ll get from Kroenke.
This is why I think he has stuck with Wenger because he knows he won’t spend more than necessary.

I think they might if they want someone who is similar to Wenger who can do a decent job on the cheap.


Ancelotti is th only big manager free. What do you want? Eddie Howe?


How would they know if they can do a decent job? Kroenke seems to prefer to play it safely (hence the Wenger fiasco), so I can only see him going with someone with a history of achieving results with big clubs.


A manager with a clear vision of how to rebuilt this mess. If that’s Eddie Howe, why not?


Any manager that has had success with big clubs would want to rebuild this side, and I’m not sure Kroenke wants to spend what it would take.
In fact I’m not sure anything involving spending more than the bare minimum would suit him.


Carlo is experienced and his teams have always been solid. What do you want more?


It takes the whole management to rebuild the team.
Owner willing to spend, board has the vision to appoint the right man, coaches coach good, scouts find good players… etc.

Manager should mainly concentrate on tactics, subs, and other on and off the field team management.

Everybody needs to have a vision, not just the manager.


don’t get the Carlo disrespect tbh. Won Bundesliga last year, beat us 10-2 (very unlucky not to beat Real Madrid in quarters after that)

Most CL wins from an active manager and won at least 1 league title in the last 5 years. Won trophies everywhere he has been.

Got La Decima and his Chelsea and Real Madrid teams played great football. Plus @Gio would love it.

Italians also seem to love this league in terms of managing here. And he did Pep in good and proper:

Sure he had a mare this season before he got sacked, but players stopped playing for him I guess. Sure that’s a worry but I maintain there are more pros than cons. Who knows, maybe that was an FC Hollywood thing too.



Not Wenger

Congratulations your hired


Just like Jose I think Carlo is or was a great manager but one that’s on the wane.

I think he’s more suited to a team that has a blueprint and already has all the pieces to compete rather than one that is in need of a total structural rebuild and overhaul which is what we require.

Of course I’d take him but I think a younger manager that sees this as a long term project and has fresh ideas and the ability to come in, redefine who we are and give the whole squad kick up the arse is what we need, I’d rather have a Simeone than Carlo.


I suppose that makes sense, it may not work if we couldn’t get the players he needs to succeed


He is only 58, not that old.
Very good resume.

Even as a “caretaker” for a few years, it is still good.


Imagine the interview of the new manager:

Why do you think you should be the manager of this club?

'well i feel i have a lot of mental streng…

‘fuck right off…the door is that way’


On Twitter someone pointed out that Chris Hughton and Chris Kamara are older than Ancelotti. For some reason that amused me. People seem to think Carlo is older than he is.


its his peppery coloured hair haha


He may not be a dinosaur in terms of age but I don’t think he has any new ideas and as I said he isn’t someone I think is suited to a team that is need of a massive overhaul especially on the scale we require.


When Wenger leaves Tuchel is the favourite to take over.


I’ll be dead before this team is back anywhere near being competitive for top honours

remember Manure went 26 years without winning the title and Liverpool last won the title in 1990

This can happen to us. I mean from here. Depressing innit


Carlo is a superb choice of true. He plays nice football, commands respect due to his standing in the Football world and also has ample experience working as part of the Head Coach model. With a good structure around him, he has potential to be a tremendous success.

I think he’s still reasonably young and has a lot to offer.


Having good ideals is good, as long as it works.

I believe to have a person that understand and know what he is doing, is far more important than anything at this moment.

Carlo has the experience and resume already… all he needs to do, right now, is to stabilize the team, and inject his idea and philosophy into the team one step at a time. Wenger’s influence is too much for too long here. Carlo can’t change too much in just a season or two.


Did Tuchel do pretty good after Klopp left?
I don’t think so.