Arsène Wenger


I genuinely think Wenger is gonna leave maybe at the end of this season. Remember the comments he gave about Sven when we signed Mavropanos. Then he said he will be bought and ‘he looked promising’ but then said he would be chucked straight out on loan but here he is still here but on the bench. Is it that we are low on CBs and he changed his mind…OR is it that he is being strongarmed into using these new players. If it is the latter i cannot see him wanting to work like that after all he has had no one to answer to for so long.


Hope so mav.

Got try and make his work at arsenal as uncomfortable as possible to force the prick out


No matter what when he’s gone it’ll be a strange day. I haven’t known anything else as an Arsenal fan.


Neither have I and fucking can’t wait to experience it.


I just can’t give anything Wenger says any credence whatsoever. To me there’s simply no point looking into his word and thinking “maybe he means this” or “maybe those words mean that”. His actions are all that matter and if he does walk away at the end of the season it will be for reasons of far more relevance than the Greek Boy who signed. I will always fully believe that if players or actual managerial decisions (squad management) were being forced on him he would up and leave there and then.


I think you’re right, and that’s why I think he’ll leave at the end of end o the season.

There has been a few indications that he might go.
Not taking the money for Sanchez or Ozil or investing in new talent was unlike Wenger, and the way he has let the first team stagnate is making it almost impossible for him to challenge for anything next season.

I think he was going to have a go this season, with his only two quality players he has, and if it didn’t work out, just leave it to someone else.


The guy won’t walk. Recently he said that he is not going to betray the values he believes in even if it costs him his job. He’s going to be stubborn as fuck and wait till he gets fired or runs out of contract.


I agree he is stubborn and he believes he has principles.
But his principles don’t seem to stretch to be embarrassed that he is earning 8m a season for doing a very poor job.

He knows we are a shambles and has made no attempt to do anything about it.

He will run down the contracts on Sanchez and Ozil, and leave us withe a team with no world class talent.

I think he will come to an agreement with the board where he won’t be sacked but it will be a mutual agreement that is best for the club.

If Kroenke thinks Wenger is still the best man for the job, then he should sell the club to someone who actually cares.

In fact, Wenger and Kroenke going together at the end of the season would be like a new trophy.


We seem to have reached an agreement with Carlo.


If Ancelotti is coming and he is currently free, let’s get him in





Well, Corriere dello Sport is not really a shit source. I know you like Carlo boy :wink:


I could see this happening.

There aren’t many managers of his ability available that have the experience at the top level and in the PL.

He would be the ideal choice to sort out the mess that Wenger has made.


Not my ideal choice. We need an actual succession plan with a manager who can stay long enough to rebuild - Ancelotti seems more of stop-gap choice.

But having said that, he still seems respected in the game and he isn’t Wenger, so…


Not interested in anything that Ancelotti is offering - This club needs Simeone


Well if we weren’t picking our nose in the past couple of years while all the managerial top talent were plucked and tied down by the richest and most successful clubs around, we might have actually had a choice.


I’d rather Simeone, but he isn’t leaving Athletico any time soon.


You’re right.
All our rivals have got new managers in recent seasons and all of them have overtaken Wenger.
They have all gone out and got world class players, or in Pochettino’s case, turned some of the players he has into world class players.
They all have new ideas, they aren’t so stubborn to persist with the same tactics and players.

We have sat back and watched our rivals do what ever is necessary to challenge.
They get managers that aren’t afraid to spend and there is a buzz about these clubs that we haven’t seen for ages.

Wenger has driven all our best players out and will see us out of the CL for another season, yet the board gave him another contract.

We could have had almost any manager a couple of seasons ago, but what top manager is going to want to come and take over a club in this mess?


Well Conte will probably be off at the end of the season. So if Wenger does leave, we’ll be competing with them for a decent manager.

But to be honest, I’m not even bothered if we get someone in who isn’t a top tier name. In a way it might be better. The top ones seem to be on a constant merry go round. It’d be nice to inject some fresh blood into the staleness that is our football team, and give him time.

We’re still an attractive club, i’m sure.


The problem is our management won’t make a punt on an unproven manager.