Arsène Wenger


Surely if we finish the season trophy less and put the top 4, something has to give.

That is an unacceptable season even by Wenger’s current standards and I don’t think his position would be tenable much longer after that.

If we win the Europa, I can see him staying on though. Still hope we do it.


Shoot me but I’d like to see us finish 6th and trophyless which makes his position untenable.

Winning stuff might make Wenger stay.

Short term pain for long term gain


How does this and #NotMyPresident work?


Yeah, I don’t get this whole hashtag thing either. Means fuck all to me.


hashtag is a search facilitation item for social media. If you hashtag a word, all people searching for that word will end up to your post as well as all other posts that have hashtaged that word.

At least that’s the purpose of it. However, as with anything social media and new technology, stupid people use it thinking they are cool because they do.


Ancelotti, god…if that is the idea for Wenger’s successor then I fear for the future of this club.


Trion just went full Alex Jones!


Right now I’d take Mr Blobby as a replacement.


Wenger will never walk. Will need to be payed off. Now that would be a move by the board if it happened.


i can see him walking at the end of his contract he is getting others overshadowing him now and showing him up. I dont think his ego can allow him to look how he is now with Sven buying players for him and him making butthurt comments etc and knowing the club are moving on without him and he is having less and less influence i dont think he can handle that.


Win the Europa League or he is fucking out. Well, he should leave on a high in this case.


Carlo is very experienced. He is also a winner.


The board do have a history of misleading supporters, especially just before season ticket renewals and before transfer windows.

Although I’m not sure the board would release a statement like this knowing that it would destabilise the players, and Wenger himself.

The only thing this release shows, is that the club recognises that it is in a shambles but has no plan or structure in place for when Wenger leaves.

The board are like Wenger.
Making it up as they go along.


Interesting debate.


Do I hear shots fired? :wink:



I did think you might decide I aimed that at you but rest assured, that wasn’t the case. #notmymanager is actually ok because it identifies a movement or ideology, however I get (and I shouldn’t) highly irritated at people who would post their picture on social media with a #whatabeautifulday hashtag or whatever.



Woah the view from Arsené’s seat. Yet another top notch exclusive :giroud2:

Actually nonsense aside, why the hells he in the press box? So he can moan about replays? It would be great if he was covering it for bein :wenger:


The directors box is on the other side of the pitch so takes about 10 minutes to get to the dressing rooms haha


It was a great debate but they said nothing that hasn’t been said on this forum for the last few seasons.

I still think he will leave at the end of this season, along with Sanchez and Ozil, and leave any new manager with the biggest mess in the PL.