Arsène Wenger


Tony Adams is not a good manager. That kind of thinking is along the lines of the alleged Josh Kroenke plan to get Henry installed as manager.

Arsene’s time is up and he really should have left in the summer. He backed himself to get the best out of two superstar players in the last years of their contracts and it backfired in a spectacular way. It’s not all his fault because I guess he was banking on Alexis wanting to be on form for WC2018 and he didn’t qualify.

But most of it is Arsene’s doing. He bet on two players running out their deals but then didn’t really add to the team. He clearly hates the back three but didn’t really get away from it. He wanted to set up a second squad to keep the Starting XI fresh for the league but only succeeded in creating stagnation.

He really should leave this summer but I have a sneaking suspicion he’ll get in Stan’s ear and convince the owner that Arsene is the right man to help with the rebuild. It’s really sad because I’m almost at the point where I don’t want to follow the club anymore. It’s just not fun and sports really are supposed to be fun.


The whole situation is very sad .
When you see the magnificent Emirates Stadium lit up at night we should be sat at the top of the Premier League table not flirting for a top 4 finish.
Very sad


How much support from fans do you boys and gals recon he has left? Even my most hardcore Wenger loving friends are slowly starting to support a change.


He still has fans?


Yes, he still has… at least 2…

Ty and the optimistic Chris.


He has at least one fan, and the most important.


More excuses from him:

on how the first transfer window with a new structure at club is working…
The transfer window should be banned to keep our life a bit more focused on football.


In fairness to Arsene, he’s been saying that for two decades.

And I 100% agree.


Wenger would love that! Means he doesn’t ever have to spend money again


He’s also been reliant on the winter transfer window for some time. It’s not like he hasn’t had to make key buys in January because the squad was drastically short in numbers in certain positions.


Wenger is a disgrace says Collymore - the man who beats up women!


Why shouldn’t referees be slagged off?

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you can’t slag off that mother
But you can slag off a well earning referee who has a history of being a cunt.


Where the fuck did that come from? :laughing:


The transfer window should be banned to keep our life a bit more focused on football.

If Wenger focused a bit more on coaching our defence as well as keeping our best players, then his quote might not be so ridiculous.


Doesn’t might accumulating himself for a piss poor job though, does he. Always going on about value for money when he proves time and time again he is pretty much the worst value for money in our club at the moment.


Am I being cynical to think Arsenal could have released this story themselves to appease the fans and make it look like they’re doing something?


No thats definitely a press release he’s been told by the club hah


Arsenal don’t ‘release’ stories to appease the fans.


There is also this story