Arsène Wenger


Napoli are just focusing on the league. The only danger is Atletico.


That’s positive thinking. We just lost to Nottingham Forest - there are several teams in the Europa League we could easily slip up against. A last 16 round exit is on the cards again, because that is what we do :sunglasses:


Wenger won’t win the Europa league if he does then it really is Europe’s Micky Mouse Cup .
If he cant pick a team strong enough to beat a Championship team that doesn’t have a manager then good bye to Europe this season .
Wenger is an arrogant, money motivated manager that is destroying this clubs reputation. We are easily beat , predictable, slow , no fight , lethargic and gutless… all those words can be used to describe Wenger himself.
He will sign a contract extension at the end of the season , you can see it coming.


So good :xhaka:


I think we barely scrape into the top 8 favourites of the last 32, based on current form and in particular away form when it comes to the crunch

It’s somewhat unlikely we replicate what Manchester a United did last season, who themselves hardly walked it, winning their last 16 and semi final by the odd goal and going through against Anderlecht only on sway goals


It’s doubtful that Kroenke will sack him.

I am wondering if Wenger decides to walk away himself. While the mess is largely of his making, he has to realize the toxic atmosphere around the club is only going to instensify the rest of the season.

While he may believe that he can return Arsenal to what it was in the early part of his tenure, he can’t enjoy working with the atmosphere being what it is.

I don’t think that he is motivated by money. He has to come to realize that it is best for all for him to move on at this point sooner rather than later, right?


Wenger should announce he is leaving at the end of the season so that’s would allow us for one last push in the cups.


I just hope there is the requisite urging and “deal-making” in advance… AW/Gaz should have had some sort of assessment of “the end” and targets/milestones and triggers - leaving it too open and wishy-washy would be bad for all. While I think AW will walk away (seemingly under his own terms), I believe there is at least the framework for “ok, it is time now Arsene” should things go too pear-shaped…

My one big hope is that if he leaves in the middle of his contract, it doesn’t have the same “lame duck” reality that it would next season, so there very much is a rationale to leave at the end of this season, a week or two to finalize his replacement, and pretty much the full summer to get sh*t in order (ok, it will take a few years, but you get the point).


I don’t think it is tbh. Kroenke has a record of firing coaches in all his sports teams. Some he’s been slower to pull the trigger on, but he will fire the manager eventually.


Sooner rather than later !
It would be sad to see Wenger fired after sunch a long tenure. If Wenger realised the damage he is doing to all around The Arsenal then he should be man enough and resign.
What ever way it ends , I just hope he isn’t given a job around the club . That would be a disaster.


Time to contact Carlo. He is free. Get him before it’s too late.


I am unsure of Carlo tho myself, sure he may be more functional than wenger but he seems to have lost his edge i cant see us going anywhere with him really.


He was in a difficult situation at Bayern, as he had all the players against him. He is still a great manager and apparently he wants to manage us.


I would have liked to seen Guus Hidink given the managerial roll at the Emirates with Adams as his number 2 .


adams is fucking useless, did you see his last attempt in management he didnt even win a game.


Wenger has been at Arsenal 4-2 long


Adams knows what this club stands for . He was a winner . This current lot , excluding Jack and Sanchez don’t .
We are in a fucking mess and it’s all Wengers doing.


Well, like Adams, you could say Bouldy knows what this club stands for. How’s that working out?


That’s an easy one
Wenger won’t allow Bouldy , it’s well documented


The old man is digging his own grave and asking people to bury him alive.

I feel sorry for him.