Arsène Wenger


My father came back today in the evening. When i told him we lost 4-2 to fucking Forest he said: “Aahahaha! Why that old cunt is still here?”.

He doesn’t even follow the english football :arteta:


They’re not at fault for the player’s performances, but they are certainly at fault for allowing this to go on.


Exactly, the only thing they should be blamed for is not putting the old man out his misery.


Do you think Wenger suffer from some mental disease like Trump? I am starting to think it. He can’t be so stubborn.


In a way yes, he is a narcissist its not a disease though but its a personality disorder. Look up narcissistic traits they fit Wenger to a T


This is just the latest in a long line of embarrassing results.
The thrashing by Man U 8-2. Chelsea 6-0, several Liverpool thrashings, a couple of fives from Bayern Munich, throwing away a 4-0 lead against Newcastle, too many two goal leads wasted, and dismal performances in the CL and too many others against weak opposition like Nottingham Forest.

Yet he still keeps his job, which is amazing.

But what is really amazing is, that after all this, our board give him a new contract.


Bottom of the link:

There were plenty of talking points surrounding on-field matters following our Emirates FA Cup third-round defeat to Nottingham Forest.

Off-field events were also up for discussion, with Arsène Wenger being asked about rumours linking us with West Bromwich Albion defender Jonny Evans and his plans for the January transfer window.

Here’s what he said:

on being linked to Jonny Evans
No, I cannot give you any news on any transfer because we are not close to signing anybody. We signed a Greek boy who looks quite good in training but apart from that, we have not done anything. Will we be out there to do something? Yes we will.

on whether he is hopeful of developments this week
Yes because we are in the second week of January. After that, it passes quickly.


Us atm:

Someone saves us please! :neutral_face:



A genius - LMFAO .


Agree with this


Except he could win the UEFA Cup we are still in that one lol.

The man does have resolve. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the paycheck. I’m sure he could quit Arsenal tomorrow and have a cushy commentating job, or anything else that would make his life a lot easier and stress free. So why does he persist with Arsenal even though the fans want him out, protest against him, verbally abuse him? I don’t like when people qiestion his motives. It’s clear the man loves the club and just wants to help win.


It’s Europa league or bust this season really, the choice to let Sanchez and Ozil run the contracts down means a minimum of Champions League football is required from the season. Top 4 isn’t going to happen so Europa League is the only avenue, but with the likes of Atletico, Napoli and Dortmund around I cant really see it happening.


Come on now lads, we are not winning the Europa League.


Not a chance :joy:


Needs to be fired; or given option to resign.


Sending out such a disjointed team shows just what a mess the squad is. Arsene has gotten himself to a point where he can’t bow out gracefully and when he is ultimately given the boot he’ll have left the club in a terrible situation.

People used to laugh at how shabbily that Scottish alcoholic left ManU’s squad but that pales in comparison to how Arsene will have left Arsenal assuming he leaves this summer.


I wonder if he regrets not walking away this past May. He knows the club is in shambles at the moment, the team’s form is putrid and achieving anything via the cup or Europa league looks increasingly unlikely.

The piss poor management of transfer windows has left things in a dire state when Sanchez leaves before the month is up and Ozil in the summer.

I know some will point to Wenger’s rich contract, but he has more money than he’ll ever spend at this point.

Will he walk away this summer?


I think Gazidis has done a fantastic job preparing us for life after Wenger tbh. Mislintat is no joke, I think we’ll be in good shape when he leaves. He’s not wasted a second in signing his targets and he’s hot after Malcom too.


Need to get the sack if we don’t win the Europa League and failed to qualify to the Champions League. I refuse to believe the club is gonna accept another season like this one.