Arsène Wenger


I’m surprised you haven’t defended Wenger and blamed the defeat on Bould :wink:


This guy doesn’t love Arsenal.

If he did he’d leave, the fucking leach


Can we get any lower ?


To be fair I think Lehmann is partially at fault here because he was sitting next to the guy all game and not once did he knock him out. Shocking.


The thing is, if he REALLY still cared about this club or he had the brains and sense to help
Is move forward and become a competitive top 4 & ultimately eventually a title challenging team, surely he should have LEFT last season at the end of his contract - if he had done we could have had Sanchez wanting to stay on with a new manager taking the rains, plus a manager that will FINALLY mix things up and build from the back and not have Wengers stubborn style & ways running us into the embarrassing gutter…


100% this



That’s called sabotage. He would have been sacked in any other company, as all the clubs are like companies by now.


He loves controlling it




Watching Wenger’s interview on the BBC! He is laughing. No further comment.


Meh, not in the mood today.


Shocking if he is laughing Luca.
I can’t watch him anymore.


Team i want to see in the 2 remaining cups from now:


Chambers Mustafi Koscielny

Bellerin Wilshere Xhaka AMN

Nelson (Sanchez if he stays) Ozil


Only one reserve in it and i am gonna write a letter to Arsenal calling for him to resign.


I can confirm he wasn’t too bothered from our elimination.


It’s official
Wenger out .
Wexit should begin .



Just watched the ‘No Hunger in Paradise’ documentary on BT Sport after the game, regarding academy players.

Wenger was on it for a couple of interviews. He admitted that everything goes through him and he ultimately makes the decision whether a youth player will be good enough for Arsenal.

I get that he’s the manager and will have final say on most things regarding our first team - but I got the impression he wants to be head scout too.

This is probably why we are getting in some backroom staff, to delegate responsibilities for Wenger’s departure (hopefully soon).


Liverpool-Arsenal 4-0
Manchester City-Arsenal 3-1
United-Arsenal 1-3
Arsenal-Liverpool 3-3
Arsenal-Chelsea 2-2
Nottingham Forest-Arsenal 4-2

Our biggest games so far. 9 goals scored, 19 goals conceded. Yet again we can’t fucking defend!


Leaving aside his ability as a manager, (which people excuse due to the Illuminati controlling him and telling him not to spend money for some reason or something) his ability as a coach is dogshit.

All players coming under his tuition have not progressed but regressed.

But then I, and everyone else have been saying this for ages over and over again.

I have no idea why I’m repeating myself tbh.

Remember guys, it’s Kroenke’s fault (or the board) that Iwobi is playing like is, compared to how he was playing in 15-16. Makes perfect sense.

Remember, any other PL club would probably have sacked their manager after that kind of result.