Arsène Wenger


If Wenger is the reason why the club fail, why Arsenal football is so dire these days…
Then he should get the credit on winning against the Spuds.
Fair and square.

So lame to give credit to players when we play good, and finger pointing Wenger when we play bad, or vice versa.
I hate to see that.
Unfortunately, this just happens too much, too often.

Probably it goes down to Wenger’s choice of tactics and lineups…
A lot of times Wenger put on a strange lineup and tactics, and confused us so much that we don’t even know whom should responsible for the game result.
Wenger’s fault? Players’ fault? Owner’s fault? Gazidis fault? Dean’s fault?? Who’s fault???


Holy shit, the days of silvestre and squallici :rofl:


Oh, I have no problem attributing the win over spurs to Wenger. Well fucking done to win the derby. But, I will also attribute the shit transfer windows, lack of tactical football acumen and falling outside the top 4 and scraping it a couple times by sheer luck to Wenger.

That’s why: Wenger Out.



But we were doing much better in those days than we are now with the days of Ozil and Sanchez…go figure!


Probably has something to do with 3 particular teams in the league spending a quarter of a billion every transfer window.


Yes somewhat true, but at the same time though back then we were genuinely playing better and our football was looking better than the utter dross we generally are serving up now too.


Just fuck off! I just can’t accept to lose against one of the worst teams in the world. GTFO from my club as soon as possible, you fraud!




C’mon! They have been truly awful. They don’t even know how to pass the ball.


Ok one of the worst teams in Europe’s top 5 leagues, is that better ?


Yes. Thank you. :grin:



Lol! He has become a worldwide joke :rofl:


Speaking of Zimbabwe, it is funny to see the delusion of freedom.


That’s a bit of a shitty thing to say, they’ve just seen a hated dictator finally give up power. Let them have a few days of joy and celebration before facing the realities of what comes next without calling them deluded ffs


They have elected Emmerson Mnangagwa as their president, who was until 2 weeks ago right hand man to Mugabe.
What changed?

The system is exactly the same, just the Mugabe family removed.


Wenger was justified in staying every time up until last season. Even his new contract he signed, was there a viable replacement? Comparing to Mugabe might be banter but it’s completely wrong lol



No, they didnt elect him. He’s in place provisionally until they hold democratic elections next year.

They aren’t deluded, they are celebrating the removal of a dictator who ruled them for 37 years. Many Zimbabweans have never known anything but Mugabe, and probably werent sure they ever would. They aren’t idiots and are very aware of who their new interim leader is and the fact that the system for the moment remains the same, you aren’t so much smarter than the millions of Zimbabweans celebrating. Mugabe leaving gives them the hope of democracy, prosperity, of a new system of government and way of life.

That’s what has changed, they now have hope, Mugabe leaving opens a world of new possibilities.

Now, that hope may not be realised if Mnangagwa simply becomes another dictator, they still have to fight and be vigilant. But for a few days, what’s wrong with celebrating their new hope?

Your posts just read as really patronising, as if all those simpleton Zimbabweans don’t understand the reality of their own situation as well as you do.