Arsène Wenger


Sorry but it goes so well with us this bit :joy:


For fuck’s sake, I didnt even realise which thread this was when I replied about Mugabe lol


This is a crucial point in their history. They could have delayed the celebration & rallied against the idea of Mnangagwa being the President.
That guy is as much responsible & corrupt as Mugabe was. He only went against the regime when he got sacked.
He achieved the throne by throwing military power at Mugabe.

For a guy who holds military backing, How likely is it that he is going to give up the power post the election?

This was a chance for Zimbabwean civilians/leaders from other parties to demand a different personnel, rather than empowering the person who can already rally the military in mere days of his sacking.

When the obvious doesn’t hit someone in face, I don’t think its unfair to say the celebrating Zimbabweans deluded.

If I was a Zimbabwean, I wouldn’t be celebrating so soon.


Assuming the Zimbabwean people actually have the power to overthrow Mnangagwa and an uprising wouldn’t have beat down…(which I think it would have). Sometimes the change itself can be enough reason to celebrate without the change leading to positive consequences for the people.


You mean you didn’t realise because we are talking about a narcissistic dictator who the people have turned against because he is ruining them.

Mugabe is even worse :wink:




Brilliant acting.


Isn’t he tight with the Royals? I bet he’ll get a day off for the wedding unlike us proletarian schmucks


Does anyone lose their shit when we’re drawing against a shit side with 0shots on target and we stick with 6 defensive outfield players till the very end.

Just fucking take off one the 5 fucking defenders or Xhaka and get another person on in attack/midfield.

I rant about it every game.


By the end of the 2018/2019 season, Wenger will be about 3 years and 220 games short of what Sir Alex managed at United, I can’t see him just walking away and giving up the fight easily.


I’m not particularly convinced that sort of record would mean anything whatsoever to him.


It’s Wenger, strange things mean a lot to him eg 4th placed trophies and all that. Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he wanted to manage us for a longer period than Sir Alex managed Man United.


Well 4th actually means something so they’re not the same thing in the slightest.

Also is the sir really necessary? I say it’s not because fuck him.


Wenger’s power has spread… :wenger2:

Per is the debt collector - personally think they should give that job to Kolasinac now, won’t be any rule breaking then!


For some reason 4th place is still being looked down upon I see.


I think it’s just top European clubs don’t gloat about or strive for 4th place as some kind of holy grail, but yeah for us these days it would be a decent achievement given the state of our club.


fucking hell Aussie.


It’s called shifting the goal post since we should be nowhere near the top 4


We should be nowhere the top 4 ? Not sure what planet you live on… care to give a reason as to why you have come to this astounding conclusion ?


Many on here predicted we wouldn’t make top 4 this year.